View Full Version : Relax, Smudger, it's one of ours!""

Charlie T
27-08-04, 10:40
http://www.shepherd-neame.co.uk/humour/pressads2003/index.htmlhttp://www.shepherd-neame.co.uk/humour/wallpaper1999/index.htmlhttp://www.shepherd-neame.co.uk/humour/wallpaper2000/index.htmlhttp://www.shepherd-neame.co.uk/humour/wallpaper2001/index.htmlSheer genius!(Worksafe, unless you work for the Luftwaffe!)

Prince Padowan of Hobbiton
27-08-04, 10:41

27-08-04, 10:42
Indeed :)

27-08-04, 10:45
LOL @ the fact i work for a german bank

Hoot (PC Assassin)
27-08-04, 10:48
String him up the damned collaborator!

27-08-04, 10:49
LOL @ every single one of themgenius

27-08-04, 10:50
at last, a new desktop wallpaper for work!!

Lardy Boy
27-08-04, 12:13
Brilliant! And a very fine ale too.

baron Von Grinder (goosestepp'n disco diva)
27-08-04, 12:19
well i must say that i take great offence to this thread.although i must appologise for the conduct...

John Ketley (Is a weatherman!)
28-08-04, 14:58
Top Hole Ginger!!Absolutely spiffing.

Anne Brown
28-08-04, 18:25
The goat and the marmoset one is best!:-D