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Muddy Bronco
08-07-04, 08:09
Came across this while browsing the e-news. Harrison Ford and his shag me too hard and you'll snap me" bint Callista Flockhart on their hols in Wales....."But the couple, described as "gentle" and "normal" by hotel staff, did manage to bring Hollywood to Wales's backyard - when Ally McBeal star Flockhart practised yoga in the garden during an early morning exercise session."Yoga? ucking yoga! Like tia chi it's something you only do in public to make others think you're deep and philosophical. And like people who claim to be Buddhists and Hindus as it's quite a trendy thing to say.Posing tossers!Anyway, morning all."

Muddy Bronco
08-07-04, 08:12
Oh, and while I'm angry: Step aerobics. Or step" to its disciples.Go for a bastard run or a bike ride. You don't have to pay some bird in a leotard and legwarmers a tenner for a session while dancing to some godawful hi-energy gay bar music."

Milton the Sausage
08-07-04, 08:33
Pilates anyone?

Muddy Bronco
08-07-04, 08:45
Trouble with that is if you move too fast the parrot gets knocked off your shoulder.

08-07-04, 08:50
I know someone who does pilates during dinnertime at work. When he returns he looks absolutely knackered! It's only stretching and suchlike isn't it?Maybe he just goes for a couple of chugs! :)

Muddy Bronco
08-07-04, 09:07
All I know is it's got some mature bird in a leotard on the front of the video.Maybe he's just watched the vid with a couple of tinnies and had a chug over that.

08-07-04, 09:38
Maybe!! He's a god botherer, so maybe that's how god tells them to get their kicks???