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09-06-04, 07:56
While cycling home last night the guy in front of me had an english flag attached to the back of this bike, like most of the cars around the town.This got me wondering how patrotic this guy is or maybe he's a bit crazy. Saying that nearly caught him up until we climbed a hill and noticed that he was on a racer :( :)So this leads to what things have people put on there bikes apart form the obvious bike related stuff and why ??

Barbara Carlton
09-06-04, 08:05
Why must we always assume that the displaying of one's national flag when there's no sporting event on to be eccentric?I've got a handlebar hound. He's a dog in lycra with a cycle helmet and he sits on the crossbar with his paws clipped to the handlebars.

09-06-04, 08:57
Actually that brings up another good point, where were these flag bearing cars during St Georges Day ???Its seems the English are more patrotic during Euro 2004 than St Georges Day.

09-06-04, 09:12
Taxi drivers in Bradford wanted to put the flag on their cars in support of the english football team. The local council said no because it might upset people (the local asian community). Considering at least 95% of the drivers are Asian one wonders about there thinking. Like all councils with large asian communities they run scared about being told they are racist & the riots a few years don't help either.

Barbara Carlton
09-06-04, 09:19
I am somewhat of the opinion that displaying the England flag is a class issue. Apparently (and lord knows how they counted them) good old middle class, middle England Cheltenham, Glos. has come bottom of the number of England flags on display league.Whereas the council estates near to where I live are simply awash with them: both on cars and flying from the flats' windows.You'll never see them on BMW's or Merc's. Will you?

Mike Davis
09-06-04, 09:20
It's got nothing to do with patriotism or national pride, really. Just football. Sad, isn't it?

Not at all Disgruntled Llama
09-06-04, 09:22
Actually, I have seen one on a BMW (perhaps they were being 'ironic'), but I agree totally with what you say. I would put one on my car but I don't want to look like a Chav.

09-06-04, 10:21
I think the craziest thing I've put on my bike was a set of Panniers.Stoopid fecking idea really. Especially then going down hill fecking fast!Crasiest things I've seen on a bike,carbon rod fishing rod for beach casting!!2m ladder!

Mark Dangerfield
09-06-04, 10:46
Whether or not the flags come out just for a sporting event or not I don't see there being any problem in showing some national pride.Obviously The English are proud of their achievements and if they want to shout about it at the top of the voice then go right ahead.As for not displaying them as this may cause discomfort for minority groups - this truely is PC gone mad. If you can not fly an English Flag in England - where can you fly it. Anyway I would think they would be more than proud to fly the flag of their new adopted home. Its crazy, but in comparison I saw a story a few months ago about an Australiam woman in America being asked to remove her Australian flag from her house as she was in America after all.

Mal Grey
09-06-04, 11:41
I had a flag on my car for St. George's Day, but not for the footy, due to the 'chav' image really.In China I saw a guy in a bike with what must have been 30 or 40 bags (of rice?) strapped somehow in a great big pyramid to his back/bike. He was being pushed by a guy on a moped who had one foot on the other guys arse! No Cross of St. George either, so they weren't pikey :-)

09-06-04, 11:50
An age thing I suppose - but who or what is a 'chav'?

Not at all Disgruntled Llama
09-06-04, 11:55
a Kev, a Pikey, the estate scum underclass that has a penchant for branded sportswear, Burberry caps, cheap, gold jewellery, and reebok classic trainers Go to www.chavscum.co.uk for the low down

09-06-04, 12:09
Thanks for that *Llama - very illuminating. Had to wait that long for the page to open I thought they'd nicked it!Name your kid came up with Axel Keanu - yuck..

09-06-04, 12:14
I put a fat bloke from Hampshire on my bike!Oh hang on a minute, that's me!

09-06-04, 12:24
In the old illegal days of CB radio there was a cyclist who went under the handle of 'two-wheeler'. He towed a little trailer with a 12-volt car battery to power his CB. I think he wanted to be part of a 'convoy of 18-wheelers on the A17.Ah! those were the days, calling in for a coffee at various ladies homes en-route.

simon clegg
09-06-04, 17:09
i heard on the radio today, that flying the cross of st. george was being patriotic at the mo'.no it's bloody not, it's about a bloody little girl's game, i don't remember all the flag-waving when the rugby world cup was on!let's see how patriotic all these chav's are when france hammer the poofters flat!was a lady on the news this morning, makes flags, says normally she sells far more of the cross of st. andrew, than of st. george, it's a shame when people only feel 'patriotic' when the little girls are kicking a ball around.

Luke Bradley 2
09-06-04, 18:10
I took the gears OFF.Yeah, wierd...

Steve Austin
09-06-04, 18:30
i decorate mine with tinsel at xmas

Matt ....
09-06-04, 21:17
a sofa !seriously you see these messed up duch folk riding these crazy arsed bikes with HUGE front carriers (some integrated into the design of course) and actually saw a chap riding along with a 3 piece suite sat pointing up in the air at the front of his bike - wish Id had me camera on me !