View Full Version : Sorry To Moan

27-05-04, 09:57
r shd i say soz 2 mone,bt dnt u fink dat txt spk shud b bnd?thr ws 1 kd hoo evn usd txt spk in hs englsh exm!dats qut n chvmnt tho coz ths txt spk tks lngr to rite dan d nml rtng . . .wdy al reckn?

Pinky 'Bruce' Gigglehead
27-05-04, 10:00
YES YES YES YES YES!Ban it ban it ban it ban it.It not only takes longer to write it takes 3 times as long to read.Calculators should also be banned from Maths exams up to A level.

27-05-04, 10:02
Ans shoes should also be banned for the little buggers.

Charlie T
27-05-04, 10:03
i h8 txt spkfk m all

Southern Piece-of
27-05-04, 10:04
I'm one of those fortunate individuals who doesn't have a mobile. Am I missing out on this new language?

Raymond Fly Jive-Funk
27-05-04, 10:08
I couldn't agree more.whenever people use TXT SPK on my, i just reply 'Pardon?'

27-05-04, 10:08
Your missing out but thats a good thing!

27-05-04, 10:40
My fingers are way to fat to effectively mash the keypad in the correct fashion to produce such text drivel.Work has kindly provided me with a hamster keyboard, not dissimilar to the Hamster xylophone.

Mike Davis
27-05-04, 10:41
I don't actually know how they manage it. My phone knows most of the words I'm likely to want to use and spells them for me ;-)

Raymond Fly Jive-Funk
27-05-04, 10:43
they don't use the dictionary setting, Mike

Ralph Cooper
27-05-04, 11:23
m i 2 L8 ?

Luke Bradley 2
27-05-04, 11:24
Yes. Ban it. Ban it now. Hell, I'm 15 and I don't understand text speak! I'll get a random jumble of letters, and ring the person to ask what it means, and it turns out they onlywanted to go out that night, and it would have been simpler to call anyhow. Jeez.

Herman Burrito (aka Monkeybike)
27-05-04, 11:34
ban it, ban it, ban it, or else just spurn it.dont even bother to reply, that will teach the offender to stay away from txt and maybe learn to write some proper english

Pinky 'Bruce' Gigglehead
27-05-04, 11:48
Or even use the phone for what it was invented for - talking to people!

27-05-04, 12:12
Numpty has taught Numpty mother to utilise the text facility within her mobular tefelone. things0like0this0usually0are sent/34348.She's 87% more accurate than Numpty.Cow.

27-05-04, 15:33
The problem with the dictionary setting is that it thinks your putting in another word!Par example:Cows = boysIf = heMunch = NumbiWhat the heck is that all about?!What is numbi the start of?

twopoint6khz - unstoppable bsx machine
27-05-04, 15:33
Smirnoff = PoisonedThought that was quite ironic.

27-05-04, 15:47
well i wrote loverspreeacbaabcaabcaabcaabcaab before it stopped me.Is this a word i know not of?A bit random i know . . .

Troll Hattan
27-05-04, 15:53
Oh no. My cat's called Smirnoff!

27-05-04, 15:57
lolsorry but thats really funny!is it really?!

Anne Brown
27-05-04, 17:18
what was that first bit? I didn't catch it.