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Muddy Bronco
07-05-04, 07:33
It's sh!t and I'm glad it's over.A few good innuendo filled lines and I'd give the blonde one a cheery portion (Liza Kudrow?) but apart from that it was bo££ox.Only trouble is we've got the hype of the last episode over here soon. Groan.

Chris (Kenny) Lawson
07-05-04, 07:59
Then you've just got the endless repeats to tolerate Muddy.

Ste : )
07-05-04, 08:06
yeah, it did start to get a bit tedious after......... season 2.the way ross exaggerates every other wordrachel playing on being a bimbopheobe playing on being wierdmonica.... well, she's just scary. if i ever met someone like that in real life, i'd run!but still, for some reason i watch the re-runs on TV! WHY!?!?!

Jase T
07-05-04, 08:09
My names Jase t and i'd do monica.Please forgive me :)

07-05-04, 08:27
It's finished!??And I've just saved up enough money for the long range napalm missile I was going to send them. FFS! Anyone know any other venues where I could send such a heartwarming explosion?

Chris (Kenny) Lawson
07-05-04, 08:51
Will & Grace?The All Star Comedy Show?

07-05-04, 08:52
Co-ordinates please!

Formerly Listed as Project (FLaP)
07-05-04, 08:54
My bank please...!

Padowan S-Works Hobbit
07-05-04, 08:57
Our Singapore office could do with a firey rearrangement...

Formerly Listed as Project (FLaP)
07-05-04, 08:58
Pad where is your pic???

Padowan S-Works Hobbit
07-05-04, 09:01
I can see it...

Formerly Listed as Project (FLaP)
07-05-04, 09:01
.....ok it has come back. I think that my computer is a bit slow today!!!

Ancient Mariner
07-05-04, 09:31
One of the most un-funny comedy shows ever.

Bart Simpsonhead
07-05-04, 09:37
We could exclude anyone/everyone from the forum who:exaggerates every other word,is a bimbo,is being wierd,is scary.But then, nobody would post anything and we'd not have much of a forum......needless to say, I quite liked it.

George T. Badger aka The GTB Factoid Machine
07-05-04, 10:10
It's a travesty, stuff like Friends got put on a prime time, while real comedy gold like Seinfeld got shoved on in the middle of the night! Bahh, some people.

Pinky Gigglehead
07-05-04, 10:31
Didn't the UK produce it's own funny comedies at one time rather than relying on overpaid American imports?

Falls off on a divet
07-05-04, 11:01
I'd shag all the girlies on there, including the one that played chandlers missus - but I wouldn't, REPEAT wouldnt, want to actually know them in real life.

George T. Badger aka The GTB Factoid Machine
07-05-04, 12:02
They don't actually say funny lines anymore, they just SHOUT and SQUAWK at each other, watch and you'll see what I mean. Plus Ross has become camper and camper with every season.

Ste : )
07-05-04, 12:05
and joey has become really nice and everyones best buddy.what's that all about, joey used to only care about himself.(my god, i'm starting to sound like my girlfriend)

07-05-04, 12:08
Didn't the UK produce it's own funny comedies at one time rather than relying on overpaid American imports?"Ah yes, and now "Terry and June" is back with Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker all is right with the world."

07-05-04, 12:08
my god, i'm starting to sound like my girlfriend"you mean you can fanny fart too ?"

Ste : )
07-05-04, 12:09

Frog Spawn
07-05-04, 12:19
Twee sh!te that should have the good grace to fek off and dissapear from the face of the planet , but it will be repeated endlessly anyway .British comedy ? If that crap by Vic Reeves and co is anything to go by .........

Frog Spawn
07-05-04, 12:20
doh , should have added that crap by Vic Reeves that was on last night

07-05-04, 12:29
I am prepared to put up my hand and say Friends was a great show". I watched it from the start. pretty people saying funny things.not high art, but well written. The yanks really can turn it on when it comes to classy sitcoms,Seinfeld, Frasier, Simpsons... actually ive run out of examples.'Spaced' is in my view the best we have produced here in Blighty."

Southern Piece-of
07-05-04, 12:37
No time for Yanks I'm afraid, they're too far up their own arses! Shame about Vic and Bob, the 'V R Big Night Out' they did in their early days was classic stuff.

Frog Spawn
07-05-04, 12:48
Yep it looks like fame killed reeves & mortimerAnyone remeber nightingales , a comedy about three security guards on a night shift?

Matt Savage =^..^=
07-05-04, 13:56
Good US Comedy....Early SimpsonsFuturamaDilbertM*A*S*HCheersGood UK Comedy....BlackadderYoung OnesThe Good Life (Mmmmm young Felicity Kendall)Porridge

Falls off on a divet
07-05-04, 14:14
Black Books - the funniest new thing on tv for years, and the funniest non-BBC comedy ever.

07-05-04, 14:15
whats that new US comedy called thats on at silly times in the mornings?an italian bloke goes to share a flat with a gay bloke, not knowing he's gay, the gay bloke has a friend that always round, some tiny, really effeminate asian lad.now that is quite intelligent at times, just needs to be a bit more fast moving, it sometimes pauses for the tinned laughter style occassions.

07-05-04, 14:16
oh yeah, forgot. the italian bloke got a friend round half the time that looks and acts like chris penn, doing a mafia impression.

07-05-04, 14:38
There's nobody here but us Chikens!Thanks Spawn, and thanks again for the Keyboard tip. Innit.

Pinky Gigglehead
07-05-04, 14:56
Nightingales?Didn't that have Robert Lindsey in it?Citizen Smith, those were the days........

07-05-04, 15:01
I used to live in Tooting over the road from the pub where they supposedly drank.

Frog Spawn
07-05-04, 16:00
the one about the alagory?does the keyboard work then numpt?yes black books is good (esp the lass!)

Majik Moo
07-05-04, 16:02
its one of those crappy tv shows that once you start watching...you cant stop :oI

simon clegg
08-05-04, 11:46
black books is excellent, especially the line:-his barely hominid,milk-fed gimp"to describe bill bailey's character,manny.total class!the yanks wouldn't get it though, they have to be spoon-fed their 'comedy'.the last funny show the yanks put out was married-with children!"

mark (i know nothing)
08-05-04, 14:29
does anyone remember that comody show called 'rosie' about a policeman in a small coastal town, i used to laugh my arse off at that, but it was years ago, late 70's i think

4 Assed Monkey
08-05-04, 20:35
SpacedBig TrainBlack BooksCouplingFast ShowAll recent(ish) good UK comedy shows.The best the US have ever produced IMO areSimpsonsFamily GuyScrubsSeinfeld.I think the UK stuff wins hands down.My other half LOVES Friends and has all the series on video (bought - not taped off the telly). series 1-3 are OK and have some good highlights but thereafter its slippery shite.