View Full Version : May's MBUK

Muddy Bronco
22-04-04, 10:34
Coming back from Snowdonia National Park this Sunday and as a passenger I needed a read. On The Edge and Climber mags; not me. TGO? Nothing on the front cover grabbed me. Take a look at the mb mags. Only got MBUK. OK only got to flick through the ads for 5 hours it'll do.Well, blow me.... It's the mag's 15th birthday. Quite a potted history of mtbing over the period and its characters: riders, journo's, photogs and designers. Some bloke called Mike Davis (Davies?) gets a mention.Definately worth a read.

22-04-04, 10:38
Did they thank Numpty?I didnae ken so.

Mike Davis
22-04-04, 15:38
Quite good, wasn't it?

General X-up
22-04-04, 15:55
Stopped my subscription to MBUK about 2 months ago. Was this a wise decision? It was at the time, 5-6 years of endless reading has cost me a pound or two y'know.

Bart Simpsonhead
22-04-04, 17:28
Isn't it nice how, on the cover, they have the line Don't Ramblers make great slalom poles"Very Responsible writing that.And who's going to pay for it when some teen-tw*t runs into a pensioner out for a stroll? Yep, you and me.I can just see the headline in the Daily Mail now:Pensioner dies of heart attact after attack by Lycra Lout!Well, it was good for 10 of its 15 years - shame about the last five..."

22-04-04, 17:53
Aye, Bart's right - talk about a dumb think to put on the cover of a mag for kids. *gets on high horse*I shall mostly be sticking to interlekchal reading like MBR and Dirt......

Jase T
22-04-04, 18:48
MBUK has definitely got worse over the last few years. BUT i think that's only the views of the older generation of bikers(myself included!). I think the market was there and they moved to corner it. Fair play to em i say. If it gets kids out riding instead of watching tv then go for it. They're not likely to be inspired by a 30 miler round the dales are they? I'll stick to MBR i think, MBUK just reminds me what i can't do on a bike, not what i can ;)Hucking rules man ;)