View Full Version : Left or Right?

Steve Mulka
01-04-04, 19:06
Why can?t I look over my right shoulder without sailing over to the wrong side of the road or hitting a tree?I am right handed and can look over my left shoulder ok.Is there a scientific answer?Should we have a survey?Is there life on Mars? http://www.ajokes.com/jokes/1252.html

Muddy Bronco
01-04-04, 21:43
Steering requires lots of unconcious inputs for it to work: where we are on the trail or road, and where we want to be is translated into subtle movements of leaning our bodies or pulling on one handlebar or the other.Turn your head and two things happen: you lose the stimulant inputs to correct direction and your body turns the same way pulling on the same arm thus hitting the tree.That's my theory.

Muddy Bronco
01-04-04, 21:44
Oh, plus my tits swing everywhere making steering a pig.

Frog Spawn
01-04-04, 21:51
bloody hell thats a change in image

Muddy Bronco
01-04-04, 21:54
I found it on a lingerie site. It's a Gossard half cup in peach. Dunno who the bird is.

Mal Grey
01-04-04, 22:02
Just happened to be passing through a lingerie site then Muddy? ;-)

Muddy Bronco
01-04-04, 22:07
Wanted to know more about the terrorist group ETA. Typed Basque" into the old Google bar. Viola!!!"

George T. Badger aka The GTB Factoid Machine
01-04-04, 22:38
I wouldn't mind Seperating her Basque! bo-boom (oh matron, it's all gone a bit Carry-On)

Mr. B Scared
02-04-04, 07:14
But the girl in your pic, Muddy - she's no terrorist. She has no arms.

Frog Spawn
02-04-04, 07:49
but she has a popular front

Ste : )
02-04-04, 08:44
heeeellllooooooooooooooo Muddy.