View Full Version : Yet another feature added

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 11:02
You might want to change the 'Next 10' and 'Previous 10' to next and previous 40?

Kato ...
08-12-03, 11:03

Kato ...
08-12-03, 11:04
oh, it was a suggestionwhoops

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 11:19
you 'tard :)

David French
08-12-03, 11:22
I like pie.

Kato ...
08-12-03, 11:23

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 11:26
i like pie too.

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 11:30
another thing i just noticed, you can' tell what forum a message is posted to if you use latest replies any more. It appears to have is own catagory.I worry i might be seen to be posting in the road and touring section.*shudders*

Mike Davis
08-12-03, 11:38
Good point. Might have to look into that. I have an idea...

Anne Brown
08-12-03, 11:42
uh ohhh;-)

Mike Davis
08-12-03, 12:04
Turns out someone's already had an idea. Watch this space ---> [ ]

Will Walleater
08-12-03, 12:34
That's a lovely space.

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 12:42
I'm getting hypnotised.Wooooooooooo

Anne Brown
08-12-03, 12:53
ooh look the button's changed to next 40""

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 13:08

Will Walleater
08-12-03, 13:14
PhooooaaaarrrIt's is good thoughThe space is still the same though. I just don't understand...

SloBoy - Hungry Cannibal, any takers ?
08-12-03, 16:22
And now there's links all over the place. Blimey - the pace of change in the modern world ...

Will Walleater
08-12-03, 16:24
Well worth the subsription fee!

Mike Davis
08-12-03, 16:30
It's a bargain, isn't it? ;-)

Paul Sheppard
08-12-03, 16:33
WooooooWDig it man, real grovey.peace out... :)

Will Walleater
08-12-03, 16:35
We don't even have to buy a magazine out of guilt because we spend so much time on the (cough STW cough MBUK...) website.

SloBoy - Hungry Cannibal, any takers ?
08-12-03, 16:51
Now all we need is a search facility

Mike Davis
08-12-03, 17:04
Yes. Ironically we're still looking for the search facility ;-) You can use

SloBoy - Your name in this space
09-12-03, 17:31
And now we have holly !How jolly !

SloBoy - Cakes or Pies ?
12-12-03, 11:56
I think it would be a good idea to add new threads to the latest replies view (i.e. make it a threads most recently posted too" list)Then I have one place to go for the latest hot smutty talk action - I mean the latest inside chat on the world of cycling."