View Full Version : I posted a Review on Trailrakers

Ste : )
04-12-03, 12:33

Dick Barton
04-12-03, 12:39

Anne Brown
04-12-03, 12:49
Are you sure Ste?;-)

Charlie T..
04-12-03, 12:52
you have entered the twilight thread.....

Anne Brown
04-12-03, 12:58
Your member page doesn't show a review.

Hoot of the Smoot
04-12-03, 13:09
Ste's memeber hasn't been reviewed?But he's always talking about it!

Anne Brown
04-12-03, 13:18
LOL maybe they ran out of stars?

Ste : )
04-12-03, 13:33
yeah, i'm pretty sure i wasn't imagining it?

Ste : )
04-12-03, 13:37
oh well, i'll just have to put it up again.

Anne Brown
04-12-03, 13:41
Ste, Trailrakers aren't listed at all did you have to add the product? and then review it?Cos I vaguely remember that you can submit a new product but BM have to verify it before it appears (or something like this).Maybe your review is waiting in a queue.

Ste : )
04-12-03, 13:44
i did have to add the product, yes.maybe that's it then? i'll wait a bitsome idiot has already started a review of trailrakers under 'bike racks'DURRRR*sorry if that idiot is you*