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Horace Fogsworth
03-12-03, 10:28
So far:MBR seat packMBR chainstay protector -- not really big enough for my fat tubed EVO2 frame, so held on with cable ties.MBR crudguard -- just as good as the real thing.MBUK Basta rear light -- looks really cheap but is surprisingly good.MBR gear cable -- teflon coated and smooth as silk.And BM have promised to send me a star fangled nut and stem cap for a lights review I wrote -- I'll save them for the spring when I fit the new forks I bought in the Evans sale recently

Diane *GG*
03-12-03, 10:50
Ummmm, some Bikemagic stickers and an MBR mudguard.Oh, and some brake pads from Doc : )

Kato ...
03-12-03, 10:51
Only BM stickers on mine

Charlie T..
03-12-03, 10:54
On the Giant-Spesh BarsIntense GripsWTB RocketCrud catcherBikemagic Stickers24 Spoke tubless rear wheel (incl Tyres)Fisher 'Fish' valve capsVista Nightsticks (When I fit them)All cables.Recent new chain and cassetteOn the pimpy old school MarinX-terra Carbon prototyp hubGripshift x-rays (Yep, still got 'em and love em!)Yeti gripsRitchey WCS SaddleAll cablesGreen Wildrigpper Semi slicks and Ritchey WCS tubes.Oh, and clothing wise? Well, pretty much all of it actually.Sorry, am I gloating a bit much?

Anne Brown
03-12-03, 10:56
Number 1 bike: none that I can think ofNumber 2 bike: BM sticker (used to have the MBR chainstay protector but it wore through)

Kato ...
03-12-03, 10:57
well I don't know CharlieSpesh Bars" arn't all that fancy now are they? I thought it was a pimp bike? ;-)"

Anne Brown
03-12-03, 10:57
Gloating CT? sounds like you are incredibly cheap, I hope it doesn't reflect in the service you provide.;-p

Charlie T..
03-12-03, 10:59
I kno, I just like the shape and rise of them! Oh, and can I add that (almost) all my tools have been freebies too?Anne, the service is still up to my high standards!

03-12-03, 11:00
MBR Gear cable on second bike.Thats it.

Kato ...
03-12-03, 11:02
The Hope seatclamp on the Whyte was free for being such a good lbs customer

Paul Sheppard
03-12-03, 11:08
Nothing, I wouldn't sully my bike with such tripe.

Russ Hall
03-12-03, 11:16
Nothing free on my bike, all paid for by my own wallet.More fool me I fear.

Anne Brown
03-12-03, 11:25
LOL CT free tools!snigger (sorry juvenile mind on this morning)

Gary Ewing
03-12-03, 11:31
I got a free pair of gloves once, for a review that never got published...Rocket Parts Scary Fast Speedsters - the best gloves that aren't available to buy from anywhere.And Tim Flooks once sent me a teeny bottle that he'd filled with light shock oil.MBR Gear cable.I don't have the spokey-dokeys any more.

Paul (work is a knife in my back) Cooper
03-12-03, 11:45
Well my Marin is built up with stuff of my wrecked Merlin which the insurance company compensated me for so I suppose everything bar the frame, one wheel and the pedals were free .

Ian (Dazed and Confused)
07-12-03, 00:19
GT commuter - free grips from mbuk and chainstay and headset protector from mbuk.

Stephen Swinton
07-12-03, 11:30
One of our customers" has a set of Fox Vanillas, Hope disc and hub. His cheque book and card were stolen so I'd like to see a post from him here."

David French
07-12-03, 12:54
I've got the MBR seat pack and the MBR chainstay guard, luckily I won't need another one for my Mount Vision.