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Tim - base phase
31-10-03, 09:00
Apparently the comment from a discruntled Palestinian was Why is our leadership linking us to that sh!t whole full of social oppression and extreme views.""

Lex Luther
31-10-03, 09:25

Tim - base phase
31-10-03, 09:47
Oh yes, on a vox pop one Preston resident saidNablous? - Is that in Spain?""

Bobby Charlton
31-10-03, 10:00
Ah, Looney Lefty" councils. For the youngsters among you let me tell you about the 70's and 80's when Looney Lefty councils were in their hey day.Why, they'd fall over themselves to invite terrorists to tea: Irish or Palestinian it didn't matter so long as they showed a human face to the suffering they caused (and justified it).Plaques erected to members of the public shot by police; marches and dinners in tribute to the likes of Bobby Sands (IRA terrorist who starved himself to death in the early 80's thus saving the British tax payer hundreds in porrige.)How many tower blocks in Lewisham and Hounslow would Nelson Mandella have officially opened had he not been banged up on Robben Island? We've a road in Hounslow: Steve Biko Way (find it in the A-Z) that had a plaque underneath the road sign telling us that Steve was beaten to death by SA police. Funny but the plaque disappered soon after it appeared.We HAD signs as you entered the borough telling visitors that Hounslow was a nuclear free zone, just to reassure us that nuclear waste wasn't being sneaked through at night on the Piccadilly and District lines.Ah those were the days. How many school facilities were put on hold to pay for those load of old bollocks?"

Bobby Charlton
31-10-03, 10:03
Oh, hang on; latest trendy stuff is having diversion and race advisors on 47k per annum. FFS does it really take 47k to tell you that the one who goes the fastest wins?Seriously? 47k?? You could get two teachers for that.