View Full Version : If your at work...... don't read this...it'll wound deep.

Lex Luther
09-10-03, 13:06
Folks, the 'Joy of Lex' is back in a new guise. No longer tied to a desk in the ever so 'skull-crunchingly' dull world of IT.I'm out of work until January, when I start a new career. In the mean time I'm looking after my baby daughter and riding like a bastard.Just had a swift scream of a ride in my adopted city Bristol, and one of many in the weeks to come methinks. The trails are 'all' mine. Saw one other biker in 2 hours, cleaned everything, internal grin factor is high, summer fitness & finess is still with me, and the ground grips like velcro, YIPEE.Not gloating, but why don't we place higher value to 'not working' and having fun on a bike. If anyone is having a shit soul sapping day in the office, chuck a sickie for friday and come riding with me wherever you are.I'll be the one rolling back through town covered in mud looking at the suits and muttering 'poor bastards' under my breath.That is all.

Lex Luther
09-10-03, 13:07
PS that should read If You're at work". All this fun and my grammar has gone to pot."

Anne Brown
09-10-03, 13:11
lucky b......

Horace Fogsworth
09-10-03, 13:32
I'm at work now but as I've mentioned before on this forum, I've only been doing two and a half days a week since the start of June. The rest of the time I've been babysitting my two year old lad while wifey works.I haven't been able to do too much off road with him in the kiddie seat but we've had some good rides down the New Forest lanes to local water splashes and picnic spots.The four day weekends really have flown by.

Paul (10 miles this weekend!) Cooper
09-10-03, 14:09
you f...ers.I'm still waiting to hear about my job in the British Virgin Islands - found a link to a mtb hire place out there showing a guy jumping from one slab of volcanic rock to another with a vista behind him of tropical blue water, sandy beaches and lush green hills. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

Ste (In a Considerably better mood today)
09-10-03, 14:52
you're a lucky man Lex. fair play!wish i had the money to chuck in work and just ride.people do it with surfing... just live to surf, that's it. but unfortunatly a cassette costs about the same as a surfboard, so it aint gonna happen with mountainbiking.shame! i can't wait till i win the lottery!

SloBoy - Mincing Jayboy
09-10-03, 14:54
I've only been working 2 and a half days as well.I haven't told my employer yet though ...

Paul (10 miles this weekend!) Cooper
09-10-03, 16:05
Ste - a cassette costs as much as a surfboard? WTF? where do you buy either your cassettes or your boards? one is either really expensive or the other is really cheap.I had a severally dodgy, dinged up shortboard which cost me 90 and lasted less time than a cassette - a new board is up of 300 isn't it?

Dave Gelson
09-10-03, 16:12
Lex...What if, while you are doing all this riding you acidentally run over a claims specialist solicitor and completely break your bike.Not only will you have a broken bike but a rather heafty claim against yourself from said solicitor.....Where would all the money come from for this if you are not working???You have been warned!!!!!!!!

Phil Davis
09-10-03, 23:08
http://www.theonion.com/3939/news1.htmlsort of says it all really.