View Full Version : Squirrels - How do they do it?

Free Radical
02-10-03, 13:01
Living in the countryside I come across more than my fair share of squashed beasties and I have noticed that squirrels take the comedy road kill award. How do the little fellas end up in perfect (but dead) condition, lying on their backs with all their feet in the air? Do they just fall out of trees like this or are they hitching rides on cars under carriages?

Godverdomme! (Kut)
02-10-03, 13:04
It takes a stready hand to shoot a sqirrel from a tree whilst on the move. Although usually when they spot my face they generally just drop. Cheeky bastards.

octopussy ...
02-10-03, 13:05
they actually hang on to the exhaust till its too hot so fall off, hitting head which kills the blighters.........so stop and pick the fellow up cos its cooked and ready to eat!

Steve Groves
02-10-03, 13:07
Good riddence to them. I hate squirrels. (incident as a child)

SloBoy - ouch, that was tough
02-10-03, 13:08
I'm thinking of a toast falling butter side down" type argumentCan't think why anyone's been buttering squirrels though."

Free Radical
02-10-03, 13:09
More likely that someone's been buttering the branches to give the little fellas more of a challange.

Dylan Hayes
02-10-03, 13:11
Speaking of comedy death poses, ever seem what happens to rabbits in really hot dry climates? They look just like cartoon characters who get run over by steam rollers, and a perfect two diminsional projection of their former 3D selves. You can appearetly even pick them off the road and throw them frisbee fashion as they are so flat and stiff after baking in the desert sun.

jason smith
02-10-03, 13:35
driving down one particular road in nz we commented on the large (like one every ten feet) numbers of road kill - the kiwi in the car off handedly informed us that they were possums - or as they like to call them sqash'ems" - probably a you had to be there moment but it did create much mirth..."

Phil Davis
02-10-03, 13:54
I dunno if this is a common phenomenon, but on my regular trail there are loads of grey squirrels - the thing is, that when I approach they inevitably run, not at a sensible angle up a tree, but straight ahead on the trail, only departing at the very last second. I've not hit one yet (although I think I ran over ones tail), but I shall surely report back here what sort of pose it strikes when I do.To be honest, I've always reckoned one of those tails would make an excellent brush for cleaning my chain and jockey wheels...

Godverdomme! (Kut)
02-10-03, 13:58
I biffed a Pigeon a few months ago in front of a couple of hundred people who were waiting for Ferries. They even shouted pleasantries at me through the gently fluttering spray of feathers. Sweet.

Pat Mustard
02-10-03, 14:46
Squirrels = rats with good PR.

octopussy ...
02-10-03, 14:55
hamster with a big tail