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28-09-03, 21:02
after experiencing an interweb stalker and the crap that comes out of his brain, i'd like a future way of dealing with them that i have come across before in BBS's.when members give other members grief, i've seen tracer programs used on the perpetrator which track them by their ISP and give out a pleforer of information such as :nameaddressworkplacehouse servicescredit card transaction detailsand other boring stuff that's freely available in the public domain.can anyone point the direction to these programs and also explain how legal is their use in this counry or if crossing boundaries to search on people in other countries?

28-09-03, 21:20
aaah, someones contacted me outside of this site and pinted the direction out.anyone else with a future need of these sort of programs might want to start with the search engine at :www.astalavista.box.sk

A small thing is a good thing
28-09-03, 22:12
all you will get is their isp or work details details from doing a reverse dns lookup of their ip address (www.samspade.org).You wont get any more details than this but what you can do is write to their isp / employer stating that the person has been violating the terms and conditions of the isp by posting offensive/illegal etc material - you have to provide them with the links to the pages containing it.

Kato !!!
28-09-03, 22:31
'rubs hands together'I have the same problem as you Mr Destructo and I can't wait to use this!!