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Charlie T....
16-09-03, 07:43
Am I the only one that finds them, well, a bit scary. They're a bit other" if you get what I mean. A bit like Garth in Wayne's World. Just not quite of this earth."

Obnoxious Bike Mollester
16-09-03, 08:05
JUst think how bad it will be when one of them dies!

Kato (rollin' in my 5.0)
16-09-03, 08:15

Champion the Wonder Snail (Julia)
16-09-03, 08:45
to me - to you - to me - to you"terrifying."

Paul (not riding at all) Cooper
16-09-03, 08:58
they just look like a pair of the worse type of child molesters. If I were a parent I'd be damn sure not to let my kids watch them for fear of them being drawn into their sick web of perversion.

SloBoy - Fitter, happier, more productive
16-09-03, 08:59
Paul I think you may have moustachophobia"Don't worry, with therapy, it can be treated in the community."

jason smith
16-09-03, 09:49
no - the chuckle brothers and garth - can't accept that, garth was pure (man) whereas i always felt there was a dark secret behind the chuckle brothers, like they're not actually brothers or something....;)

Ste (One Happy Bunny)
16-09-03, 09:51

Dan Cathcart
16-09-03, 09:54
I'm sure one of them moonlights as a bus driver in Edinburgh, and a security guard at Tynecastle (Hearts ground), and I'm sure he sweeps the streets also, maybe they breed them somewhere, weird middle aged idiots with bad moustaches and mullets!!As you say Ste 'disturbing'.

Ste (One Happy Bunny)
16-09-03, 09:57

Dan Cathcart
16-09-03, 09:58
Exactly, the little clones that follow them around, some sort of X-files breeding job, me thinks.

jason smith
16-09-03, 09:59
oddly, despite the significant similarities my 'weirdo with potential for evil' (tm) alarm never so much as twitches when the 118 118 boys are on - it ran screaming from the room when the chuckle brothers appeared though...

Dan Cathcart
16-09-03, 10:01
LOL, you're right Jason, the 118 boys are not geniune mullet freaks, but the CB's are, they belong in a 1970s Kelloggs commercial.

Anne Brown
16-09-03, 10:22
I keep wondering what one of those 118-118 guys is carrying around in his shorts cos it certainly doesn't look... natural""

Dave Carlson
16-09-03, 10:38
A phone book Anne!:)

Charlie T....
16-09-03, 10:39
the smaller of the two Chuckle Brothers maybe?

Anne Brown
16-09-03, 10:51
it wouldn't surprise me in the least

Charlie T....
16-09-03, 11:48
So, it's not just me that thionks they're odd then?

jason smith
16-09-03, 13:45
anne - have you ever seen 'this is spinal tap' ? there is a moment in that which may provide an answer to your shorts question...in fact...hang on a minute!check

Anne Brown
16-09-03, 13:58
thank god for that I had a fear after clicking on that link that it would be a picture of him with a courgette down his daks.

jason smith
16-09-03, 14:23
Anne - ooops, sorry, meant to add 'WORK SAFE' to that but totally forgot - the 'tap' does that to you...