View Full Version : What winds you up more?

Russell Hall
12-09-03, 07:49
Horse cr@p in the middle of your favourite trail?Or dog cr@p in the middle of your favourite trail?I ask as I spent 20 minutes cleaning poo out of my tires the other morning on my way to work...

Charlie T....
12-09-03, 07:51
Dog, far worse. Horse cr@p tends to be more loosely packed and therefore doesn't stick as much. Also, as there's far more of it it's easier to see and therefore avoid!

Russell Hall
12-09-03, 07:53
Good point. I get really annoyed with dog walkers that dont clean up after their hounds. Fortunately the office doesnt smell off dog poo...

Combat Wombat
12-09-03, 07:53
The guy in front of you deliberately riding thru it.

12-09-03, 07:55
id eat horse poo but not dog poo

Russell Hall
12-09-03, 07:57
lol, i guess thats what glasses were made for...

Kato (rides a pram? apparently)
12-09-03, 08:01
Dog's eggs are the worst

Ste (One Happy Bunny)
12-09-03, 08:15
horse poo is just grass, really, isn't it.dog poo is just awful stuff, really smelly and not so biodegradable (so i heard somewhere)

Charlie T....
12-09-03, 08:16
Whatever happened to the white dog sh1t of the early 80s?

Combat Wombat
12-09-03, 08:19
must have been 'Mr Dog', I havent seen that dog food around for a while

SloBoy - if you're squeamish, don't ask
12-09-03, 08:19
I collected it all and its in my garage. Wanna see it ?

SloBoy - if you're squeamish, don't ask
12-09-03, 08:20
But on the trail - dog poo far worse - yukAlthough it would be quite funny to make horsey folks get pooper-scoopers. They'd need a bin bag !

Rob AKA Smut the Dog
12-09-03, 08:22
Horse sh!t is much easier to see and as said before doesn't stink so bad as Doggie do's!! Had to ride a slalom course to my old place of work as all the local doggies seemed to use the path for a toilet. I got to work one day with about 5 different varieties haning from the down tube. I could go near the crud catcher for weeks after cleaning it all off without the stench assaulting my nostrils.SO Dog doo is by far the biggest wind up.Garlic just gives me wind!

Ste (One Happy Bunny)
12-09-03, 08:23
actually, CT, i think CW has it nailed.i heard it was something in the dogfood which turned the dog poo white when it dried up.saying that, though, i did see a bit of white dog poo in herm a few months back.i reckon it has more to do with the fact it's cleaned up before it can go white and crusty.

Combat Wombat
12-09-03, 08:29
not totally sure I could nail a turd. (maybe the crusty one you mention though)

Ste (One Happy Bunny)
12-09-03, 08:32
hit some horse crap lastnight....ahh, the joys of nightriding : )comedy 'poo moment' last weekend. we where all sitting at the top of the DH waiting for our run, and someone found a dried up bit of cow poo. they started chucking it round.when they got bored, and stopped, someone picked it up, put it in his helmet and soaked it with water..... oh what fun

the muffin man
12-09-03, 08:39
i heard it was something in the dogfood which turned the dog poo white when it dried up"...can't they put something in that turns it DayGlo! We could see it a damn sight easier then."

Paul (not riding at all) Cooper
12-09-03, 08:52
Sloboy - just checked back to the what's in your garage thread - you definitely made no mention of white dog poor collections from twenty years ago. Please perform a definitive inventory forthwith, you might have my missing orange dayglo sock I lost in 1984.

Neil Watterson
12-09-03, 09:00
Worst= dogs, then cow, then sheep and then horse.At least horse poo isn't too slippery when you encounter it on a fast corner

Jo Burt
12-09-03, 09:29
Didn't 'Mr Dog' become 'Caesar'?Are the people that let their dogs cr@p in the middle of the trail, on the apex of corners, the same people that put logs across the trails?

Cullen Ward
12-09-03, 09:38
Revenge is a parcel delivered warm...

Russell Hall
12-09-03, 09:45
Sheep and cow poo isnt usually on the trails I ride. But I guess they open up a whole new sub category of shit.There's nothing worse than getting it all sprayed over you from your front wheel...

Kevin Stuart
12-09-03, 10:13
Sheep sh*t is pretty bad. If you leave it too long on your bike it absolutely welds itself to your frame.A complete arse to get off.

Milo Bloom
12-09-03, 10:22
Interesting site, Cullen. Reminded me of an ad in one of the Monty Python booksHR Haldermans Heavy Droppings - delivered to to your doorstep. (NB - For a small fee, we won't deliver it to your doorstep).Human poo is the worst of the lot. Honestly, dome of the people round here..."

Milo Bloom
12-09-03, 10:23
dome? 'some'...

Russell Hall
12-09-03, 11:34
I cant honestly say I've ever ridden through human poo...

Dylan Hayes
12-09-03, 21:44
There's nothing worse than getting it all sprayed over you from your front wheel..."Yes there is! I got a flat tyre on a little green lane that was full of both dog sh*t and thorns. Horrible, trying to change a tyre that is totally coated in dog poo, if the leak was slower I'd have been tempted to try and pump the tyre up and ride as far as possible to try and get some of it off, but it was a fast flat and so I had to get stuck in. Sadly even with tyre levers you have to touch the tyre at some point. Times like that I wish I carried surgical gloves with my toolpack."

Jo Mc
12-09-03, 21:53
Are the people that let their dogs cr@p in the middle of the trail, on the apex of corners, the same people that put logs across the trails?"Perhaps there's a story in there for Mint Sauce next month eh Jo?"

Robert Walter Charlton
13-09-03, 07:01
Did the tourist thing in Amsterdam some years ago.In one of the squares on Sunday morning watching the street theatre (personally thing all ST is bo11ox).Some mad bloke turned up in a rubber suit, emptied a bin bag of horse sh1t onto the ground and began to bang it into the crowd with a tennis racquet.Certainly beat Covent Garden's bloke dressed all in silver who stands still for long periods for money. Tosser!

neil roberts
14-09-03, 08:20
people who let there dogs crap outside my house even though its 100 fine and i tend to hit it before i even hit the trails...GRRRR!!!!!!.........which reminds me i must reload my air rifle :)

Russell Hall
15-09-03, 07:58
Well, I was out this weekend and found myself slaloming between the piles of dog poo on one trail. There really is no need, I reckon a vigilante group should follow the people that let their dogs crap everywhere and put it through their letter boxes...

SloBoy - Fitter, happier, more productive
15-09-03, 08:01
Paul - orange dayglo sock.I've been wondering who the bl00dy hell put that in there.