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Al ..(Stonor, Feck me, he's only gone and climbed
08-09-03, 08:29
Firstly they look like a 70s porn star wig. Secondly then have declared open season on our freshly laid lawn. Large Furry Rats digging up the grass rooting around, David Bellamy, like for insects. The b@stards.I'm looking to even things up by hiring a flamethrower and some night goggles. If anyone has a better suggestion, post it here otherwise my lunchtime will be spent down at Harry's Hunting Supplies".Never liked 'em. GM Gerbils with an attitude problem."

08-09-03, 08:39
I live by a river though the beaver problem I have is not associated.

Al ..(Stonor, Feck me, he's only gone and climbed it)
08-09-03, 08:42
Moist Beaver? Like Athletes foot only slightly more embaressing.

08-09-03, 08:44
Al, I can see the phonetic classes have been effective.Moist beavers and sharp teeth....mmmmmnnn, mmmnnn!

Anne Brown
08-09-03, 09:48

Ancient Mariner
08-09-03, 10:01
Moles are my animal of complete hatred. But there aren't any funny double-entendres available that I know of.

nick cummins
08-09-03, 10:07
Alex vs the badgers. I know who my money's on.

Al ..(Stonor, Feck me, he's only gone and climbed it)
08-09-03, 10:26
Even if I've got the flamethrower?

Ali (...what roof rack?....) Mattock
08-09-03, 10:30
I have a hot air gun if it's of any help?

Mister Khomenni
08-09-03, 10:33
I hate chimpanzees myself, some people say that they are 99.9% the same as us, but I don't believe it!I think they are the most filthy looking, callous, stinking animal on the planet.Napalm the lot of them, and thankfully, that's probably what's hapenning already.

SloBoy - Andy by name, Shandy by nature
08-09-03, 10:37
Chimps seem to have got stuck at that point of evolution where bottoms became a device for attracting the opposite gender, but they hadn't quite worked out the bit about keeping them covered most of the time.

Ian F r a n c e
08-09-03, 11:08
If this doesn't make you love badgers I don't know what will....http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/21/

Deadeye Jim
08-09-03, 11:13
I just hate monkeys, that little screechy f*cker out of outbreak, fetch my gun. Being dragged round the monkey house at cotswold wildlife park with the other half harping on about how cute they are. Bah she knows nothing.

Paul (not riding at all) Cooper
08-09-03, 11:20
pigeons and other feathered pests - kill 'em all.Badgers - I can't bring myself to hate the monochromatic little buggersMonkeys - never met one in a social environment but I can imagine their table manners are poor. They seem to be doing a good job at halfords though (technically apes of course but lump 'em all together for convenience).

Charlie T....
08-09-03, 11:21

Mister Khomenni
08-09-03, 12:16
hate foxes too, maybe we could ride after them on bikes and lance the b*ggers - might catch on.