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Fat Bear
04-09-03, 09:19
Just went to put some new tubes in my bike & I realised I'd bought the car valve type in error. I've got skinny rims on my wheels & the hole ain't big enough to stick the valve in (hrrr, hrrr). Do you thnk its OK to drill out the holes a bit bigger to take the valves or should I just go change the tubes? I prefer the car valve type anyway as I'll be able to stick slime in them.

Kato (rides a pram? apparently)
04-09-03, 09:26
Drill 'em out. I do it all the time as i prefer schrader valves

Ste (One ill Bunny)
04-09-03, 09:28
yeah, i hear of people doing it.anywho re: slimewhy do you wanna use slime, when you can use latex tubes. so much lighter and i haven't had a puncture since i started using them: )

Anne Brown
04-09-03, 09:49
aren't latex tubes lighter and more likely to puncture?I thought they were for weight weenies.

Ste (One ill Bunny)
04-09-03, 09:56
no, 'apparently' the latex kinda....erm.... i dunno i can't explain it, but cos it's more flexable, the thorn is move likely to move it, rather than pierce it.....or some cr*p... i dunno, let Air-B explain it...all i know, is i ride in very fast rocky places, and a trail which has recently been cut trough bramble bushes and i haven't had one puncture.. i used to get em all the time

SloBoy - On the path of least resistance
04-09-03, 09:57
And I thought the latex ones weren't air tight either - they always lose pressure (it escapes through the tube material)

Ste (One ill Bunny)
04-09-03, 10:00
yep, that's right. but i keep a pump in my car anyway.and it looses like... 10psi every 3 days or something?

Anne Brown
04-09-03, 10:04
Ahh OK.The seems to be something pervy about inflating pink rubber.;-)

Ste (One ill Bunny)
04-09-03, 10:06
yep : )