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Beckers ....(1hr 19mins reeeesult!!!...)
20-08-03, 13:21
What goes around comes around..

Anne Brown
20-08-03, 13:29

Steevo S (Padowan MTBer, still with much to learn)
20-08-03, 13:30
You reap what you sew.

Anne Brown
20-08-03, 13:31

Anne Brown
20-08-03, 13:31

Section B
20-08-03, 13:34
good... fcking spam scum

Milo Bloom
20-08-03, 13:53
You reap what you lady pig", Anne?"

Anne Brown
20-08-03, 14:01
You reap what you sow,oryou rip what you sew,or in some parts of cornwall I've heard the locals rape lady pigs....go figure, huh.;-)

Beckers ....(1hr 19mins reeeesult!!!...)
20-08-03, 14:04
or even reap pig ladies

Jo Mc
20-08-03, 14:10
Ah. So that's what you do Beckers!

Beckers ....(1hr 19mins reeeesult!!!...)
20-08-03, 14:11

Mike Davis
20-08-03, 14:14
Spam seems to have dried up hereabouts. Although the 350 virus-laden mails I've had today more than make up for it ;-)

Deadeye Jim
20-08-03, 14:14
Great stuff,Now if someone can kindly find the arse who has created the nachi virus. Then we can pull his fingers out their sockets one by one.It's doing us more damage than blaster.

Mike Davis
20-08-03, 14:15
I just glanced at my firewall logs - I've had 54 attempts to sneak in by blaster and 60 odd by nachi thing. And that's since 8am this morning...

Anne Brown
20-08-03, 14:17
We are in a bit of trouble from a virus today too.

Beckers ....(1hr 19mins reeeesult!!!...)
20-08-03, 14:20
I'm a corner dancing guru" :-)"

Anne Brown
20-08-03, 15:53
our whole network is coming down at 5pm for the clean up. They don't know when it will be back.

Beckers ....(master of my own satsuma...)
20-08-03, 18:25
....bye Anne.......

Bart Simpsonhead
20-08-03, 18:39
....ah, the joys of Mac ownership.....

John (no mud to get stuck in)
21-08-03, 09:17
we had the blaster virus on Monday/Tuesday, but we're ok now. damn nuisance though, I couldn't do any work until about 11am on Tuesday - I could've had a lie in

Anne Brown
21-08-03, 09:21
At least one of our servers is down now. Unfortunately meaning I can't do any work (aaaahhh shame)

I'm a *
21-08-03, 10:18
Lucky - my server was down yesterday.Good job and all. Just been prescribed some painkillers. GP didn't check my records to see if I was asthmatic....Meant I was suffering from side effects including hyperactivity/sleepiness/blurred vision oh and to top it all I was hyperventilating.Stupid cow.Meant I got the day off work to re-design my webite anyway after 4 hours sleep middle of the day...http://www.whitefire-designs.co.ukBit more work to do yet...

Deadeye Jim
21-08-03, 10:21
Blaster was water off a ducks back to us. No problem at all.Nachi on the other hand has really given us a headache. We had to remotely take down our south american regional offices to take the strain off our firwalls. Some of our regional IT bods were all here with flight bags and ready to fly out this morning.So we are a bit pissed off really :)

Beckers ....(master of my own satsuma...)
21-08-03, 10:22
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (laughing at the very concept of Anne doing some work)

Anne Brown
21-08-03, 10:29
oi!;-pI don't reckon you'd recognise it Beckers.

Deadeye Jim
21-08-03, 10:30
Mike is a dark lord of marketing. He has minions.

Beckers ....(master of my own satsuma...)
21-08-03, 10:31
work......ah yes I remember that.....Minions??? .....the closest i've got to that is some onions...

Mike D
21-08-03, 11:43
Bloody Server's gone down yet again, I wish the secretary would do the same....

Deadeye Jim
21-08-03, 11:50
We are bringing the email servers down one by one at the mo. Some people get really upset when they dont have their email.