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The Joy Of Lex
01-08-03, 07:18
Good to hear that the Catholic church along with other religious institutions has a progressive attitude to homosexual relationships and the large gay population spread across the world.By being openly hostile to state recognision of gay relationships in any way shape or form. They show their true colours, narrowminded, bigoted men in dresses. Good to know that an institution that has such a strong historical track record when it comes to kiddy fiddling and torture, has the courage to come out and state clearly what is acceptable behaviour, and what is not.It's religions assumption that it has a monopoly on truth that I find so offensive. It's hypocritical, backward looking and still seems to have some kind of moral authority in todays world.I move that we ban religion, and base society on rational discussion, not a 2000 yr old book that has been badly translated and seems to think the world was made in 7 days, and makes no mention of a T-Rex on the Ark with Noah.Lets have a friday debate......lets put Christianity where it really belongs, in the Waterstones section marked 'Fantasy' or even 'Mumbo Jumbo'.

John (no mud to get stuck in)
01-08-03, 07:35
it's a pretty good novel, though, the bible, innit?

The Joy Of Lex
01-08-03, 07:39
Well actually no I don't think it is. Its too long, seems to come in two unrelated parts, and stretches the readers imagination to the limits and beyond.The narrative is disjointed, language stilted and characters over simplistic. Frankly the author should be crucified for writing such a terrible book.

Obnoxious Bike Mollester
01-08-03, 08:08
Ah but as I have said before on this site, one has to look at the reasons for religion and the effects it has on society, before one can start proposing a life without it.I for one believe religion and faith is a very important society forming tool that will be sorely missed when it is removed.

John (no mud to get stuck in)
01-08-03, 08:11
Its too long, seems to come in two unrelated parts, and stretches the readers imagination to the limits and beyond.The narrative is disjointed, language stilted and characters over simplistic"A bit like Lord Of The Rings then? ;-)"

The Joy Of Lex
01-08-03, 08:15
Ok then what are the reasons for religion and what are it's effects on society?I'm sure it was a good society forming tool, but what purpose deos it serve in the 21st century.

Ste (trying to be one happy bunny)
01-08-03, 08:37
i am still yet to find the part in the bible which contradicts 'the bible'everything in there contradicts it's self at some point, so there must be a part which actually sais this is a load of arse, please disregard"perhaps someone left that bit out?no offence intended, after all we are all intitled to our own beliefs, aren't we?isn't religion great!"

Obnoxious Bike Mollester
01-08-03, 08:52
I believe that religion is primarily a tool for controlling the populus. Again repeating what I have previously said on other threads, a petty juvenile thief is far more likely not to re-offend if he believed his actions would send him to hell for eternity than if he thought he was going to get a slap on the wrist and a bit of community spirit. It also shuns promiscuity and therefore reduces casual sex and the subsequent transfer of sexual diseases.If you look at all the areas where society is failing today - examples being crime, violence, lack of respect for your fellow man, rise in STD's - a lot of these areas are covered in great depth by the bible.I ask the question is it purely coincidence that the falling church numbers run almost in parallel with the seeming collapse in social behaviour.For your information I am an athiest.

The Joy Of Lex
01-08-03, 08:52
Well yes we are all intitled to our own beliefs, but not if they infringe on others.Now religion has a long history of infringing other peoples rights. Burning, killing, tortureing, invading, pillageing and morally damning.

Steevo S (Padowan MTBer, still with much to learn)
01-08-03, 08:53
Does that mean we ban Islam, Judaeism, Buddism, Shintoism, Taoism, paganism.....?That's cool by me JoL. But do you mind if we let you tell the nation? Cheers.*Takes several steps back and looks on nervously in anticipation of a lynching*Seriously though, surely anything a person or group of people believe in and use as the linchpin of their lifestyle, against which their lifestyle choices are made, an be seen as religion". Shall we ban all of those too?"

Dan (Surname)
01-08-03, 08:58
i am still yet to find the part in the bible which contradicts 'the bible'everything in there contradicts it's self at some point, so there must be a part which actually sais "this is a load of arse, please disregard"perhaps someone left that bit out?"theres a bit in there that says "thou popular thread of the year 2003 is complete bollocks, please delete before 20,000 which will split the universe, thou owners are now number 2 becuase of popular thread"wonder what it meansDan"

The Joy Of Lex
01-08-03, 09:02
I guess all I want is the removal of organized religion that dictates ethical codes of conduct that condone coercion.In this respect is suspect Buddism is exempt as it is a non-coercive ideology. i.e it does not say if you don't believe, you will burn in hell" or equivalent. In fact all it seems to say is salvation is within you, but don't worry if you don't get it in this lifetime, cos there is always the next.It condems all violence "unlike Christianity and Judaeism" and as for Taoism and all the rest, well I don't know. My rant was initially against the Catholic Church who protect there own if they f~ck children, but publically condemn homosexual relationships as immoral, even if they are loving and stable etc etc."

Steevo S (Padowan MTBer, still with much to learn)
01-08-03, 09:05
So we could just ban Catholocism, then?

Milton the Sausage
01-08-03, 09:10
In western culture the church has always been a device to make a certain few rich and powerful. Well, until this century that is - now it's not even very good at doing that. So you could say it's completely f*cking useless - and you'd be right.

Anne Brown
01-08-03, 09:11
Religious Beliefs are great. It is the arrrses who organise and control Religion that should be lynched.

Milton the Sausage
01-08-03, 09:19
Indeed - and why does religion have to be ordered and organised? Doesn't seem spiritual just all very formal to me - more like a big gang.

SloBoy - Powered by Pete's Premium Pies
01-08-03, 09:23
That's the bit I don't quite understand Rob, faith you would think, was personalUnless it all started with like minded individuals starting to hang around together, typically on weekend mornings, and then they suddenly realised they had a sort of group thing going so decided they needed a uniform, a mantra, a website and an El Presdiente. Hence the C1XV was born !

chris parkes
01-08-03, 09:27
the missing page of the bible This is a work of fiction and any charcters within are entirely fictional and any resemblance to real people and/or events is pure coincidence.

Fat Bear... will work for food.
01-08-03, 09:31
the bible was just a moral guideline that was there before police were invented. You shouldn't need fear of God to do the right thing.Personally I used to be an atheist until I realised I AM GOD!

Ste (trying to be one happy bunny)
01-08-03, 09:39
my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend!

Paul Cooper
01-08-03, 10:02
tHERE WAS A DRAMA SERIES RECENTLY CALLED (oops sorry for shouting) Second Coming which proposed that Jesus came back to earth for a second visit and, to cut a long story short, was killed and at the moment of his death all religion vanished fromt he world.The programme seemed to imply some state of bliss decended on the world as a result as everyone became responsible for their own actions without soem higher being to blame.It was a good programme that mad eme think. How much of our morals is purely retained from religion, if we lose religion do we lose the basis of a moral society?

graham ellis
01-08-03, 11:23
My god is better than your god. If you disagree, I will kill you & then I'll find some passage in -------(insert relevant book of fairy tales) to justify & therefore validate my actions.That's what p*sses me off!

The Joy Of Lex
01-08-03, 12:09
Yeah and scarily George W Bush has God on his side".Run away!"

Ste (trying to be one happy bunny)
01-08-03, 12:09
paul.unfortunatly, i think that would be the case.

Dick Barton
01-08-03, 12:12
Religion has perhaps been the biggest factor in the many wars throughout mankinds period on this rock...I would say Catholicism is dead in the water...they condone the use of contraceptives to aid in the spread of their religion (a catholic parentage will ensure the child is brought up a Catholic, thus adding the the overall head count of catholics) and yet they also worry about the spread of STDs...mince! almost every religion that I know anything about (Catholicism, Protestant, Harry Krishna - very little) - no in fact I know very little about any religion...but they all seem to be a get rich quick scheme for someone.Religion and the religious leaders (how did they get appointed? Did they have to prove they are in direct communication with the god???) need to look at the world they are shaping and rectify the problems...religion doesn't have to be boring, but you need to change peoples outlook on the subject before religion can take a stranglehold on society again.As we evolve and learn more, there are less things that can be put down to religious workings, therefore less people believe that there is a god...I for one think that there is something out there, but I've no idea what.I was raised a Protestant but I don't follow religion at all...it's too dangerous a pastime for my liking!!!I do think the religious factions need to update their image and ideas though...society has changed, but the religious outlooks haven't...

The Alan Parsons Project
01-08-03, 12:13
Here here Sloboy! I'm sure we've had this sort of thread before.

Paul Sheppard
01-08-03, 12:31
just thought actually, Reglion stops local infractions keeping their comunities in order i.e. if you do anything wrong you'll burn in hell. But on an international scale they cause them i.e. yeah it's alright to kill them as they dont belive in our god etc.

Paul Banyagi-Mugenyi
01-08-03, 17:30
LexI like your opening comment. In general I have a huge problem with religion. Being gay I have a major problem with the way they view people like myself but my main bug bear is their holier than thou attitude and unbelievable hypocrisy. God if there is one thing I can?t stand is hypocrites. Generally the closer to God the bigger the hypocrite. Part of my problem (as Graham mentions) is the attitude all religions display of My God is better than yours.In my humble opinion the world would be a far better place if people learnt to respect each other for who and what they are ? different and unique and told there respective churches to go away!

Dick Barton
01-08-03, 18:14
I have an urge to start quoting Monty Python lines...not because of what Paul has mentioned in the post above...I just find Monty Python's sketches pretty much spot on in terms of showing how funny religion can be when viewed from the outside i.e. a Catholic isn't going to find their religion amusing, much the same as a Jehovah's (Who threw that??? Are there any wimmen here???) itness isn't going to laugh at themselves...or at least not like other religious bodies do anyway.It's ridiculous how so many people put blind faith into a religion that says how wrong it is to kill, but it's happy enough to kill to keep itself ticking along...

Davie Martin
01-08-03, 20:38
This is very interesting. I think the main crux here is that we all (probably?) agree that morality is within us all and we do not necessarilly need men in dresses" / church leaders/preachers to teach us what is right and wrong. We are all grown ups and should be free to make our own decisions and/or mistakes. This is what Buddah teaches us. Make mistakes by all means but LEARN from our mistakes. Accept we make them and do not blame others. Accept other peoples lifestyles and cultures are different and contrasting from ours but allow them their freedom to make errors and their own judgement. Buddhism is 2500 years old and no one has been persecuted by followers. The chinese in Tibet however......whole different story. Dalai Lama holds no grudges against the Chinese however, he just wishes they would find another way. Sorry to go on."

Bobby Charlton
03-08-03, 07:46
Go on.Bash that bishop!