View Full Version : Beavers eat trees

SloBoy - Powered by Pete's Premium Pies
31-07-03, 14:18
Proggy on the telly last night said that beavers take proud, erect, trees and reduce them into mashed bits of pulp that then they drag away to be used for their own dastardly ends.Was it just me, chaps, or has been nature trying to warn us all along ?

Dan (Surname)
31-07-03, 14:21
beaver eats wood shocker

Anne Brown
31-07-03, 14:22
shocker wood eats beaver

Paul Sheppard
31-07-03, 14:48
How much wood does a wood chuck chuck?

Kato ???
31-07-03, 14:49
if a wood chuck could chuck wood

SloBoy - Powered by Pete's Premium Pies
31-07-03, 14:50
Besides the obviously phallic resonances of their lifecycle, you do have to wonder WTF make beavers think that eating trees might be a good idea.

Beckers ....(not quite in the zone..but I can see it...)
31-07-03, 14:51
mmmmmm ....beaver.....reminds me of that line in Naked GunFrank Drebbin Nice beaver"Prescilla Presley "Yes, I've just had it stuffed""

Pat Mustard
31-07-03, 14:53
It's to keep their teeth under control. Have you seen the size of beevers' teeth? Now just imagine how big they'd be if they didn't chomp a tree or two to wear them down.

SloBoy - Powered by Pete's Premium Pies
31-07-03, 21:29
I think we have an egg/chicken, chicken/egg scenario here.