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cooky! *shirt ninja*
29-07-03, 07:54
should i buy a kona stinky?simple yes/no will suffice.ta.

Mike D
29-07-03, 07:56

cooky! *shirt ninja*
29-07-03, 07:56

Tim - base phase
29-07-03, 08:04
I could do you a great deal on my wife's Kona Lana that's been rolled through dog poop...Sorry, forgot, thats a stinky konaCoat on and RUNS for the door........

Byron Snatch-Talker
29-07-03, 08:09
I thought this was going to be important, like: Should I change my photo after all this time, so I don't look like I have a pink sash over my shoulder?Answer: Yes.

Jo - Formally known as Zippy McFly - Mc
29-07-03, 08:20
For a minute there I thought you were taking the pi55.Bikemagic: Advising you how to breath since 1999

Mad Badger
29-07-03, 08:31
Yes. Make sure you get some very baggy jeans so your pants are visible at all times as well.

Jo - Formally known as Zippy McFly - Mc
29-07-03, 08:33
And a baggy jumper with a massive surfing label on the front.

Mr. B
29-07-03, 08:37
Who you calling stinky?

Smut The Dog (answers to Rob)
29-07-03, 08:38
I guess it must be you Mr B, even the kitten is running away!

Ste (One Happy Bunny)
29-07-03, 08:44
what's wrong with wanting a DH bike?yes, i think you should get a stinky, i want one too.and yes, i do wear baggy surfer jumpers, but i'm a surfer, so i can!

Dr Dolittle - Mr Extreme (extremely bad that is....)
29-07-03, 09:33
Yes get a DH bike. But the Norco Atomik is better value at 1350.....

Beckers ....(not quite in the zone..but I can see it...)
29-07-03, 11:18
how disapointing...I saw the thread title and was sure it would be should I shag my mates mum"Cooky, you have gone down in my estimation :-)"

SloBoy Undercover
29-07-03, 11:37
Mr Destructo never made it back though, did he.Maybe I should try it.First all I have to do is find some mates.

Anne Brown
29-07-03, 12:24
yes, can you get me one too?

cooky! *shirt ninja*
29-07-03, 20:06
so having baggy jeans is bad now...?*shakes head*all i want is a bike that i can throw off drops without snapping, and i finally have the opportunity (money) to purchase such a machine, the kona stinky.all i wanna do to my other bike is stick an m4 on the back and it'll be perfect, unlike some people i believe you can reach perfection :P

Juan Doran
29-07-03, 20:45
So buy it... Am I missing something? Should I eat the chocolate ice cream in my freezer now?

Anne Brown
29-07-03, 23:15

Tony Didcock
18-08-03, 09:55
Course you bloody should!(though the Spesh Big-Hit Comp looks quite good for a similar price too...)

Deadeye Jim
18-08-03, 10:28
Yes. Make sure you get some very baggy jeans so your pants are visible at all times as well."I resent that comment. My pants are never on view."

Paul Mitchell
18-08-03, 11:04
no. buy the spesh. its less dweeby.

James Roberts
18-08-03, 11:06
Get something 100 cheaper and use the spare cash for a return flight to Geneva where you can easily get to Morzine to test out your new steed.

18-08-03, 11:13
one of my mates just bought last years Stinky at a very good deal. it's not amazingly specced but the 32mm Junior will suit your weight.he didn't like riding his CRDH8 with Shivers and 26/24 bulb/doublewide combi's (it sounds like a sales pitch, but then he is trying to sell his old stead!)if it moves, you can break it. why do you think i had to shim my shock, get a high rate spring and get BETD eyelet bushing and BETD alloy shock spacer for my bike???one of my mates just retired his CRDH8 and that has bad stress fractures in the rear end (he just uprated to a patriot 7+ thinking that however hard he hammers that he can't break it because it cost so much (i daren't point out Stif's deal on the bike at the moment, he might cry))for sheer ruggedness, and from my friends having had a variety of bikes, i'd say the specialised bighit frame has got to be one of the strongest around, with a good ratio for hard hits (just need to shove a monster up front!)and i've been avoiding my mates mother for a while. she just keeps bitching about the fact she saved for a year to buy her council house and the housing bubble put the mortgage out of her reach when she went to apply! anyhow, it's all getting a bit tedious and the crumbs on breasts routine is getting a bit boring now! could also be due to the fact that everyones spreading the rumours my mates gay, so i have to meet him away from everyone else or in a large group as for some reason too many people in york are racist, sexist and general bigots concerning non-conformity!!!"

serge the seal of death
18-08-03, 11:21
go to a dh site for the best advice, try southern down hillsorry haven`t got a link.

Deadeye Jim
18-08-03, 11:24
www.southerdownhill.com although i think Cooky already vists.

Deadeye Jim
18-08-03, 11:24
oops missed out the n.

serge the seal of death
18-08-03, 11:32
spec big hit for sale in pre loved section.1500bye that cookie

cooky! *shirt ninja*
18-08-03, 11:49
hmm, if i had 1500 straight up i'd have the big hit, but as it stands i get the stinky for a few hundred off plus a whole stack of extras...and i doubt i'd ride the bighit like it'd want.

Ride Fast Take Chances
18-08-03, 13:18
You said you wanted a bike that doesn't snap? Well that rules out the Kona.My vote is the spesh. I think the two bikes went head to head in some mag and the spesh won

18-08-03, 14:17
just remembered, my mate got the stinky deeluxe!if you've got 900 plus can travel to york to pick it up, my mates crdh8 might do. although i think the headangle is really slack, good for DH, not my cup of tea for drops.