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Craig Furber
17-07-03, 03:52
in the mtb press in the US the term 'freeride' has been dropped (apparently to many idiots interpeeret this as 'riding where they like')The new term is 'Black Diamond' and the mtb press has been using it with gusto.From my POV 'Black diamond' sounds like a cheap canned lager or a nasty aftershave you'd have given to your dad when you were 7'black diamond' your comments...P)

SloBoy Undercover
17-07-03, 07:19
Why black" and why "diamond" ?If we just want a random adjective and a random noun, I suggest"Well-fitting"and"Sporran""

Patrick Napier
17-07-03, 07:46
The sort of run that I like playing on when I've a snowboard attached to my feet (and I'm in North America obviously).Is this not an attempt to try and use similar gradings to Ski resorts to give an indication of severity?

Charlie T
17-07-03, 07:47
Yeah, I saw this. A unilateral declaration in MBA. I think it's all a bit macho" grrrr, hardcore stylee. Why can't we call it Pink Rhombus Riding?"

Luke Rake
17-07-03, 07:48
Given that a company called Black Diamond already exists to serve the climbing and skiing community, I'd be surprised if any other manufacturer would want to, or could, use this trademarked term.

Will Waters
17-07-03, 07:59
It's all just stuff from other extreme sports" cause we can never come up with anything ourselves. Isn't jibbing another one nicked from snowboarding at the moment.As someone who rides on the edge, I like to go "rimming". Ahem....."

Luke Rake
17-07-03, 08:00
Don't go there again!