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Ancient Mariner
04-07-03, 16:38

Richard Pinder
04-07-03, 18:32

Richard Pinder
04-07-03, 18:43
HI Si, do you think we should name ourselve somthing easy like the freedom of the top message group from long threads, or a name similar that is easy to remember.I must be going mad, think I should go out for a ride now.

Dan Grey
04-07-03, 22:40
Good idea.

Ancient Mariner
04-07-03, 22:46
Apologies for the earlier jape. Even I make mistakes occasionally, and I think that may have been one of them.Anne, Dan, Charlie et al, how about agreeing to call it a day after the PT has reached 20,000 posts? That must surely also be some kind of record, at least for an MTB site?

Dan Grey
04-07-03, 22:52
AM, in the PT thread you said 'it's just a forum, it's ok to play silly beggars now and then' or words to that effect.Very true, I say. But some people don't like it - I was hounded off OM, and look at the reaction to last night - so I won't do it again.But to some up what (if I may so bold) CT, Sloboy, Steevo and myself have said - let's just move on. Those who want to post the PT can. Those who don't - well the, don't! We never have a go at the North East Riders thread (very good point, Sloboy), so why should we do that here?

Horace Fogsworth
04-07-03, 22:54
I say keep it going until it reaches it's natural end, which given today's threads probably isn't too far off.As I opined in another thread, it really is a monumental achievement in the realm of slacking.

Ancient Mariner
04-07-03, 23:03
Hounded off OM? Operation mobilisation (there's a blast from the past)?Outrageous mothers (you're too conservative)?Open Mouths (you almost qualify on that one, but we'll let it pass)?The B isn't even remotely near the O on most keyboards. Wonder how you managed that one?Anyway, signing off now. Night.

Dan Grey
04-07-03, 23:09
Outdoors Magic - a sense of humour exculsion zone

Anne Brown
05-07-03, 12:38
I don't think you can compare the North East Riders thread to PT. It has a purpose, PT doesn't, and they are both in the correct places for them.But we are talking about the affect this thread has within this forum.One *could* complain that C1XV threads dominate the rides forum too much, but no-one has brought that up.