View Full Version : where did i leave my monkey?

chris parkes
28-04-03, 12:39
bad monkey

Charlie T
28-04-03, 12:42
Well, you could always spank your monkey...

Milton the Sausage
28-04-03, 12:45
..never a bad idea..

Charlie T
28-04-03, 12:46
Maybe the monkey was in a race, with a bishop. Then it could beat the bishop

The Alan Parsons Project
28-04-03, 12:47
Guess which way this is going?

Charlie T
28-04-03, 12:56
Towards the timber yard? Then the monkey can pull his plank

Charlie T
28-04-03, 12:58
Perhaps in an armoured vehicle? A Sherman Tank perhaps?

chris parkes
28-04-03, 13:00
their is a timber yard not so far away could be of to beat sum wood