View Full Version : I'm a country bumbkin!

Dan Grey
19-04-03, 10:06
I first noticed I'm a little intimidated by big places when I sat on the coach to the peace demo open-mouthed, going 'bloody helll London's big'. Now I'm back in Reading after three months in lovely lovely little Bangor and I'm scared to go out the garden gate. I'm really not looking to going Easter egg shopping later.Towns scare me! I want to go back to the country!

Guy Colborne
19-04-03, 10:48
I dunno, Bangor can be pretty intimidating.

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
19-04-03, 14:09
don`t be such a scaredy cat dan,you can do it,manget out there allready

Dan Grey
19-04-03, 17:35
still here, still no eggs :( decided to go to Tesco and not Thorntons in town centre now though (cheaper, cos I'm anti-commercialisation of Easter, of course)

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
19-04-03, 19:47
i'd be scared to go to Reading too.

Dan Grey
19-04-03, 20:24

les williams
19-04-03, 21:47
cos I'm anti-commercialisation of Easter, of course" Oh fer christ sake! HE HE! Yep towns are big scary places, can't stand the damn places. If i can't see trees or grass i get all grumpy."