View Full Version : Tootsie Roll

MR Heigel
17-04-03, 14:03
ive got a tootsie roll on my desk if any body wants it , so far i havnt been able to give it away , its definatly an aquired taste but imho its foul

Ste (one very happy bunny)
17-04-03, 14:04
WTF is tootsie roll?

Danne (Mutation of Sorts)
17-04-03, 14:10
like a miniture swiss rollDan

Charlie T
17-04-03, 14:11
Damn, thought it was going to be more fun than that!

Ste (one very happy bunny)
17-04-03, 14:11
i'll ave it!

MR Heigel
17-04-03, 14:14
its definalty not a miniture swiss roll http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/aaasmt/index.php/url_indprod?xlc=118

Oxygen Thief
17-04-03, 14:16
ste, are you just an eating machine or what?