View Full Version : Executive decision

Milo Bloom
17-04-03, 11:28
Having looked at my work deadlines and the weather forecast, I have decided to go for a ride this afternoon in all this luverly sunshine and do some work Sunday or Monday when the weather is going to be poo.Bye all!

Charlie T
17-04-03, 11:29
Happy trails!

Anne Brown
17-04-03, 11:45
Have a good day.

SloBoy - Also answers to Andy
17-04-03, 11:48
Good point.It's time for lycra - mmmm !

The Joy Of Lex
17-04-03, 11:55
Bastard, now I'm owed some Lieu time and I want to go....but office is pretty empty so hard to justify.

Patrick Napier
17-04-03, 12:22
No rain forecast for us until later on Monday when it will hopefully wash away all this nasty slidey dust that is on the trials. Then it's sunny for the rest of the week. After that I couldn't care less as I'll be in Vancouver Island for a fortnight or so.Incidently does anyone else think that it is wrong be riding at night with lights on whilst wearing shorts and a short sleeved top?

Milo Bloom
17-04-03, 15:01
Well, what a cracking day for getting out on the bike and playing with my new camera! (And as a bonus, I seem to have missed an argumnet about bar ends. Hurrah!)

Ste (one very happy bunny)
17-04-03, 15:05

Cullen Ward
17-04-03, 15:06
Herrlow ladies...

Charlie T
17-04-03, 15:06
Round Leith Hill, Milo?

Old Black Magic
17-04-03, 15:07
Yeah they were cute!I see you are the proud owner of bar ends and flat bars....

Milo Bloom
17-04-03, 15:15
No Charlie, around

Charlie T
17-04-03, 15:18
Nice. So you'll know QE Park like the back of yer hand then? I'm not far from there at the weekend, near Stockbridge. You riding on Sunday or Monday?

Milo Bloom
17-04-03, 15:23
Well, I've never hurtled round the back of my hand out of control and in fear of my life, but I do know thr park yes...Don't know about Sunday or Monday, might be able to get out for a short blast, but not much else. That's why I'm trying to get some riding in over the next couple of days.

SloBoy - Also answers to Andy
17-04-03, 15:50
Ooh, ooh - I might be up for a ride in that sort of area Sun/Mon (Mon might be better ?)Just negotiating the peace treaty with the missus but I'd be happy to hear any news.