View Full Version : The Last Lie.............

Danne (Mutation of Sorts)
17-04-03, 08:05

Doug Thompson
17-04-03, 08:09
truly a sad moment, let us remember him with a parting statement:We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels - We have driven them back.""

Dan Souf
17-04-03, 09:25
I hope he's escaped, I don't think he has ever been implicated for any regime wrong-doings (I may be wrong), he just did his job in something he beleived in. I (personally) find it a bit obscene the way he is ridicled, especially the dolls, especially if he has hanged himself.

his hollyness serge the second
17-04-03, 10:51
only if the doll has a string pull.

The Joy Of Lex
17-04-03, 11:29
Well another pawn in the game bites the dust. Maybe he is with his ex-boss & Osama having a shindig.I heard that Alastair Campbell was going to offer him a job!!

A small thing is a good thing
17-04-03, 11:46
why would a man with a gun go to the trouble of hanging himself?

Dick Barton
17-04-03, 13:41
So that at the Pearly Gates he could deny everything and put the blame on someone else i.e. the person who made the rope!!!