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Will (bikejobs.com)
07-04-03, 11:56
Right i signed up to Nildram Broadband a couple of weeks ago and the line became ready today so i installed a the modem (kindly given to me be a friend) and filters the problem is that i cant get it to connect i think i maybe missing an isp? (will hopes that someone can help with the most tenus of information that he has provided) anyone have any ideas

Dave Carlson
07-04-03, 12:04
You have set up the connection on your PC haven't you?

Archangel Azrael
07-04-03, 15:40
Sorry if I'm teaching my grandmother (father?!?) to suck eggs here, but...You need an ISP to give you the account which allows you to get onto the net. All Nildram have done is give you the ability to connect up. Think of it this way: it's like buying a sim-free mobile phone. You have the ability to make phone calls in that you have a handset, but you can't ACTUALLY make any calls as you don't have a sim card of mobile phone operator / account. Think of the handset as the Nildram broadband connection, and the sim card / phone account as the ISP.

Will (bikejobs.com)
07-04-03, 18:18
its okay its okay despite my obvious lack of technical savey im connected anyone want a 56k modem