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david barron
23-03-03, 22:01
***Natural selection bike video***" up and coming mountain bike video "Natural selection" which has a very riders feel to it! is described as the cky of mountain biking this video is a first in the industry to aviod the routes of big names, repetative clips of utah and mind numming music. All the riders are relativly unknown but are still going as big as the professionals, with the backing of sick stunts, beer, women and pirotecknic's this video shot on digi format brings you into a world of underground mountain biking! to see the box cover:- http://www.angelfire.com/space/quackproductions/box_cover4_copy.jpg video is stocked at www.wiggle.co.uk and for more info check www.quackproductions.tk "

R o m e o
23-03-03, 22:37
thanks Ill have a look for it on Kazaa!;-)

david barron
23-03-03, 22:40
kewl, dunno if u can find it:S but hey the more people that see what is going on over here the better! shamon