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Scoop Doggy Dog
25-06-01, 08:24
What will you remeber from the longest weekend? For Mr and Mrs Scoop it's got to be;The fact it didn't rain, Throwing all carefully concieved start gently" plans out of the window when my local(friendly) arch rival passed me while I was re-bolting my stem up and then riding so hard to try and catch him I nearly puked at the finish line.Falling asleep on the floor of Sandwell A&E waiting for Mrs Scoop to be treated for a suspected fractured elbow.All the people - including Nick Craig - who asked if we were OK as we tried to walk down the singletrack to the ambulance.Realising just how sweet bike riding is when we got back from hospital and set out on the next lap.Getting passed - like left for dead - by a middle aged commuter in pastel polo shirt and shoulder bag while riding back from the van hire place this morning.The hunger in my belly that means i'm off to the kitchen again right now."

More Gears Than Sense
25-06-01, 11:34
Heard about Mrs Scoop via Gary Fisher over the Loudspeakers, hope she is doing well. Went to look for U afterwards to see how she was doing. Didn't find u, probably due to the fact I was delirious. Anyway all the best 2 the missus!As for me, what the hell possessed me into agreeing with Mike that we should take Singlespeed’s to the Bull?Certainly felt a little bit worse for wear 2pm on Sunday having done 7 laps on a fully rigid, the last of those with only one leg as my stitches popped and large pain followed, still managed to put in a 49 with only one leg. Not bad!All in all though an awesome event.

mike henstridge
25-06-01, 12:19
what an event.first time i've ver rode a mountain bike in anger and managed to do a couple of 40 minute laps and one that took and hour and a half when my back shock decided enough was enough after about half a mile leaving me to tease it home gently for a good nine miles.all our team and i can say is,super,smashing,great!

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 12:52
High pointsNight riding! Forgot just how much fun singletrack after dark is.Malt loaf.The brilliant attitude of 99% of riders there. Most, even the top Pros, were really nice and polite while overtaking.The tirades of encouragement and abuse from my old schoolmates in team Stow Fist as they overtook me.All the soloists and support - especially the support guys for the Brighton Mitre riders (I think it was Mitre...) who helped me out when they realised I was by meself, and fellow soloist John Metcalfe - The Man.Lurking near the end with loads of others and giggling like naughty schoolkids.Crossing the finish line.Low PointsThose f**king bumpy rutted bits.Being unsupported, feeling like quitting and having to ring my girlfriend in the middle of the night for some encouragement!Having a go at Brant during same low point.Those f**cking bumpy rutted bits.Having 12 blisters on my hands - including whoppers on my palms - thumbs which remain numb from the joint up and buggered wrists. Made riding the last two laps a very painful experience.Scoop, was it you then who was riding with his wife to 'keep her company' when she got injured. If so, I was the soloist who stopped to see what was up...

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 12:53
Oh, and being back at work today, obviously...

More Gears Than Sense
25-06-01, 13:35
Definately being back at work. I was only an hour and a half late. Do you think I should give myself I verble warning, being the boss and all?Nice one Steve for the Solo, don't know how you did it. I thought six hours on a rigid singlespeed was bad enough.High points for me:Finding the singletrack in the wooded areas for the 1st time.Collecting the Colella Tandem from Jo Burt.Night and riding the single track.Purdey's, psp and lucozade sport.Seeing the change-over point after my night stint.Definitly the attitude of 99% of the riders.All the Guys in the upper campsite shouting 'Go on Singlespeeder'High and Low point.Finding myself flying but with my stitches ripped open in my right leg, excruciating pain but with an amazingly strong left leg.Low Point:Puking and not being able to eat anything in 24hrs + i didn't eat till 7pm Sunday.Damn Rigid ForksDamn SinglespeedThat Damn field.On that Damned field and losing my Mars Bar the only time I actually felt Hungry. Being woken @ 2.30am to do my next lap.All the guys in upper-campsite shouting 'Go on Singlespeeder' when your kn@ckered cos you just have to put that extra in don't you!Being told by the rest of the team that I wasn't allowed to do the last lap because of my leg.And finally, leaving was strangely sad, everything was over, Oh well theres always next year! What am I saying?!

Scoop Doggy Dog
25-06-01, 13:37
Cheers Steve, twas me. We were going to try and find out who number 1498 was so we could thank them for the offer, but after 6 hours in A&E. We were genuinely touched with a warm fuzzy feeling in cockles of heart" from all the people who asked if we needed help. Luckily Mrs Scoop is just very badly bruised rather than broken, and I was just riding shotgun to keep her company rather than riding a racing lap. I seem to have earned a reputation as the Ike Turner of the Red Bull anyway!Don't worry about losing it at Brant, everybody has those moments ;-)"

Scoop Doggy Dog
25-06-01, 13:42
Oh happy happy joy, joyMrs Scoop has just rung and said she wants to do the Trentham Garden 24hr as she's pissed off with crashing and not being properly prepared, drinking enough, eating Gel, riding too fast just for the hell of it etc.Says she's mad with herself and want's to do it properly next time. Should have pushed her off harder obviously ;-)

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 13:51
Aha! When I thought you were just helping her and offered to walk her back so you could carry on, I promise you that it wasn't anything to do with the kindness of my heart - I just wanted a break!Glad Mrs Scoop's alright, but may I suggest food poison as the correct remedy for the Trentham delusions...

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 13:53
Mike - rigid singlespeed is far far far more mad then doing it solo. And not eating for 24hrs...respect.

Stuart Nicolson
25-06-01, 14:28
Red Bull memories;The best ones;- The first swoop of singletrack just after you first cross the M5 bridge- The rooty singletrack immediately before you come back over the M5- Nailing the last climb on the last lap when my legs felt wobbly and my head didn't know which way was forwards.- My first night lap at about 12:30 - felt like I was flying, I passed 20+ people and was passed by 5.- The XCR sus post that I hired from Rory at USE which (literaly) saved my @rse.- The guys and girls in the massage tent, the unsung heroes who massaged my legs and back a couple of times, I would have struggled to keep going until 2:07pm on Sunday without them.- Passing one of the Kona Team riders on the way round the campsite and staying in front 'til the end of the lap (I think it was a very knackered Tracey Mosely).- The overtaking ettiquete - 99.9% excellent. I was barged into a bush once by someone coming past who shouted on your left" and then tried to pass me on my right, nearly taking us both out. Sorry again to whoever I held up when they shouted "left please" on my penultimate lap and I was so knackered I wobbled right and clipped them as my brain was trying to work out which side was left.- going round the lake shortly after dawn with the geese all around and the mist hanging on the water.The worst ones;- The loos. Think the toilet in the bookies in Trainspotting and you're getting close.- The sticky straight.- The bumpy fields and the washboard braking runs into corners.- My practice lap - I came off on the first short steep climb, bottled and nearly crashed into the first watersplash and nearly killed my transmission on the steep climb after the campsite loop and had backache already. Not good for body or mind!- When the dog ran out on me on the lakeside tarmac, I missed it by inches and the guy drafting me missed me by inches. A HUGE thanks to the owners who explained that "he often does that".- Crossing the line for my second night lap at about 2am, wishing someone would be there to take over but knowing there wasn't.- Getting out of my nice warm sleeping bag into the cold of dawn at about 5:00 to do my first daylight lap and nearly mucking up changeover. I hadn't registered when PJ woke me and he didn't know if he's come in at ten to or ten past five. I was hanging up my bike as Chris rolled in, so we just got away with it.- Mucking up our calculations, putting everything into my lap at about 11ish which I thought would be my last and then realising I would have to go out again.- Driving home last night.- Not being able to do another Red Bull until next year. Sleepless in the Saddle anyone?"

Paul Howard
25-06-01, 14:29
Wow, what a superb time Team Odd Squad - Even Odder" had, we shall be back. High points: Standing on the start line next to some of the worlds best riders.Red Bull, mmmm.Full suspension.Rear shock losing pressure every lap making for a plush ride.Red Bull.Riding a storming 8th lap so I could do a double before 2pm (doh, idiot).Going under the RB arch all on my own then nearly collapsing, as the clean and shiny Giant Team took to the podium, felt strangely good "another Red Bull please".Not sleeping for 36 hours and being totally wired on Red Bull, Energy Drink, and pasta.Phoning my boss up and telling him I'm staying in Sandwell till Monday chilling out with my team mates (so I'm in an Internet Cafe now whilst my photos get developed).Meeting and chatting to lots of like minded Mayhemers.No tension or hassle from faster riders overtaking.The night laps.The sun shone, lots.Low points:That f***ing run up the field making sure you didn't get spiked in the legs.Rear shock losing pressure every lap, more repairs, money etc.9th lap, bonked after 5 miles but knew it would be over soon.Pulling and cramping a muscle in the upper calf when dabbing in a dodgy moment (still, the massage was good).Superb, awesome event, respect to all the soloists and unicyclists, cheers Chipps etc etc."

Paul Howard
25-06-01, 14:36
Did anyone notice that the first watersplash by the lake seemed to get more water in it every lap?I reckon it was one of Mr.Chipps little course treats where he stuck a hosepipe in to refill it.

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 14:41
Didn't notice that - thing that got me was the muddy area (why was it muddy and wet? I suspect foul play...) on the last fast descent by the campsite, where the ruts just kept on getting deeper and you shot out at some weirdly different angle every time. Some guy wiped out spectacularly right next to me at about 30mph...Terrifying at night - espeically on the last night lap when my lights went...

Stuart Nicolson
25-06-01, 14:50
I really liked that bit Steve, I just hit it fast and out the saddle, aimed for the deepest rut which was usually on the left and made it through every time, often getting a place or two while I was at it. When it stopped being a straight rut and became a sort of s-shaped one around dawn it was a bit more exciting! My closest near-miss was on the finish straight, I'd been racing a bloke from the bottom of the steep climb at the campsite, I got him at the campsite field, he took me back on the tarmac hairpin and I would have got him if I hadn't run slightly wide just before the commentary box. It's damn scary when feel yourself drifting sideways and you see track and barrier, then barrier, then grass on other side of barrier and you're doing over 20 mph. I stayed upright and (somehow) didn't clip the barrier, but it was such a pointless place to try to race someone, it would have served me right if I'd come off!

Dominic Perry
25-06-01, 14:54
Dunno what anyone else thought but we found that being on singlespeeds was a positive boon - stopped us racing from the word go (ie no big gear crunching) and it meant you could honk past everyone on the small, stabby climbs.

Paul Howard
25-06-01, 14:58
I agree with you Stuart. Pick your choicest rut early, hit it a warp speed lifting the front wheel, then duck under the tree!What an excellent way to finish a lap at full tilt.

Mark W. Britchford
25-06-01, 15:03
Unless of course you are a pro (no names but i think he's Norwegian) which means you are obviously allowed to ride out/over the course tape to avoid the mud patch. Maybe their bikes/handling skills weren't upto it ?

Mark W. Britchford
25-06-01, 15:07
Sorry, being bitchy now, but it was only the pro-elite men and their over serious attitude that was the only downer on an otherwise fantastic event. My personal strategy (after being cut up a couple of times) was to hold my line and if they had the skill/bottle to over take good luck to them, but there was no way i was moving of the track for them ;o)

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 15:12
Agree with you on the big one on the left Stuart - I was loving it until the first night lap when a guy parallel to me wiped out big time. That got my thinking, and the second time I hit the same rut at night I came out at a completely different angle than I had before and the lack of light and fatigue, coupled with seeing that crash, dented my confidence somewhat.Came back with the sun though!With regards to cheating, a mate of mine saw someone skip out a big section of the course on one lap - you know the bit where some riders head left off tarmac to a bit of singletrack, whilst on their right the course continues round the lake, skipping several miles.Said it wasn't a top sponsored guy he saw, just a regular joe. Some people...

Mark W. Britchford
25-06-01, 15:19
I know, why bother riding if you are going to cheat ? Unfortunately i've heard people discussing pro's cheating at other events before which is disappointing really because a) it makes you wonder if there perhaps is an element of truth in the matter, after all they are racing for a reasonably large amount of money and b) it makes a mockery of the other non-sponsored-non-cheating riders who play fairly.But then again, these were only rumours on the course, the 'incident' on sunday morning happened right before my eyes, and i know which rider it was as he was the only one who seemed to think a grunt was sufficient notification of his intent to pass ;o)

Steve Duffy
25-06-01, 15:33
It's weird, the only attitude - grunts, calls of 'Rider up' (like what am I, ann aardvark, yuo pricks?) - I got was a couple of non-sponsored riders. The guys and girls from Giant, Helly, Diamond Back etc were all 'rider coming left/right please' followed by thankyous - I was really amazed and impressed.So much so that when I overtook Barrie Clarke on my 18th lap I patted him on the back and thanked him for being so considerate all race (obviously after politely informing him that, if it was OK, I was going to come past him on his left).

Dominic Perry
25-06-01, 15:49
What gets my goat is riders coming past you on the flat easy bits and then proceeding to prove that roadie levels of whippet-like fitness do not equate to an ability to actually ride off-road. Particular displeasure is directed at whichever rider it was from the Phil Corley team who passed me with barely a grunt and then doddled through the first bit of singletrack like a novice. He fell off on the root of doom mind, so that cheered me up.

Scoop Doggy Dog
25-06-01, 17:24
Last corner from the campsite into the little path by the hedge.Wide and low, flat out Tora, Tora, Tora,Best race lap finish I can remember for ages....

Jon Brooke
25-06-01, 17:32
Without wanting to spread Nasturtiums Steve, I have sworn testimony direct from one of my fellow team members at last years event, of a member of a pro team (that made the prizes) who was stopped at the side of the track on a night section, pretending to fiddle with his bike, and who then managed to finish the lap ahead of him without passing. I've heard some other fairly believable stories (especially when you look at the splits) about other teams too, particularly on night sections, but also on the last lap when there aren't many people left on the course.I think it will be worth looking at lap times this year too. I could go on, but would that make me look like a whinger, as I didn't take any action at the time?

Scoop Doggy Dog
25-06-01, 17:40
I heard some bloke deliberately followed his wife onto the night laps and then pushed her off so he could spend all night asleep on a hospital trolley...Now that is cunning....

Andy Aitken
25-06-01, 18:34
Was the helicopter that landed on sunday morning an air ambulance??Excellent weekend.High points:Decent consistent lap timesGreat weatherRider spiritsGreat courseLovely singletrack especially from the woodland section with the wall on your left.Many more, but too long to listLow Points:That f*****g field & spongy bits Also hope the rider who had a seizure at 12:05am is ok, if your reading.

mike henstridge
25-06-01, 20:44
i forgot about that bloody field!sorry dominic but one of the riders going fast on the flat bits and slowish on the single track was me;still managed to do a 40 min lap though until my bike died big time!

Nick Hickton
26-06-01, 06:58
This Red Bull thing sounds like a lot of fun (not), where can I find out more about it and entries for next year ? Is there a website or something ?Thanks guys

Grahame Baker
26-06-01, 07:59
Ups:Realising we were doing OK (for a singlespeed team).Remembering why I used to enjoy racing.The singletrack after the first motorway crossing.The rooty descent (after the climb by the wall).The finishing descent.Descending faster each lap as I was getting to know the course and too tired to brake properly.Bonus lap at the end to enjoy the singletrack 1 more time.Pasta.Downs:Burying myself on my last" lap so Lee could get one more in, only to find that he had split his stitches and I had to go again.That porridgy field of death.Mike waking me up at 3am to go out an hour and a bit earlier than expected 'cos we were doing so well.Remembering why I hated racing - Oooh, I think I'll just go to the loo again.That is all.Can I do it again, please?"

Jon Webb
26-06-01, 08:21
ooh those naughty pro-elite riders eh? aren't they scamps? tut tut.jw

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 08:42
I know what you mean about whinging, Jon B: I used to be involved in a sport were cheating was the rule and playing fair was the exception. If you played fair you get dicked and if you complained about the cheating you got a reputation as a whinger. Only options were to cheat or to quit - so only one option.As long as you have fun and can sleep at night with a clear conscience, that's all that matters - to me anyway.Congrats on 5th BTW - your guys were lapping at a tremendous rate - Katherine was flying on Sat.See you at next Ace Race?

Dylan Lang
26-06-01, 09:29
What sport was that then, Steve?

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 09:32
Badger Baiting.(can't actually say Dylan for various work-related reasons I'm afraid!)

Pimpmaster Jazz
26-06-01, 09:57
High points include:Seeing all the soloists come in at the end - you guys are all heroes!!Finishing my night time double.Not having to go out for the last lap as King Dong Neil decided to put in a double. I think I would have died.The last two descents.Rude Jude's fantastic attitude to keeping the Bandito team all fueled up. The fantastic rider attitude all the way through.The even more fantastic attitude of the massage crew - you guys ruled!!The lovely Welsh girl who'd never buy another Fisher!Low points:Nearly dying on the second lap of my night time double.Oversleeping by an hour before my night time double (or should that be a high point?)Forgetting my shoes...Fantastic event. Well done Chipps / Red Bull etc...

Pimpmaster Jazz
26-06-01, 10:02
Oh, and the singlespeeders - you guys ruled as well!And sorry to the guy who went into the cubicle after me on Sunday morning - there was a dead rat in there, honest...

Dave Whittle
26-06-01, 10:26
Highs-second lap, just flowed and felt like i wasnt trying but turned out to be my fastest-All the singletrack, the swoopy bit after the golf course made the first half of the circuit worthwhile.-night riding. Goes well with my insomnia and I do it all the time, but racing at night adds another dimension.-attitude. Nick Craig all but applied in writing for the opportunity to overtake me at my convenience. Before disappearing off over the horizon....Lows-not sleeping for 36 hours-not eating properly and stomach cramps-bonking on my last lap just like last year :-/-The Plasticine Field that sucked your lifeforce-sunstroke and scalp burn standing in the corral for 30 mins waiting for the previous rider to come in on sunday lunchtime-not getting as many cool freebies as last year (like the ally Sigg water bottle)

Ashley Wright
26-06-01, 10:53
Highs - The courseThe AtmosphereThe other ridersThe build upLows - Crashing hard on 2nd nightlap in a double stintHairline fracture in armSitting at work with a sling and knowing I won't be on a bike for some time nowKnowing that it is all over until next year.Best one yet - thanks Chipps.Ashley

Dave Carlson
26-06-01, 10:53
Highs:-Getting reasonable lap times despite feeling like I was going really slow.-My teammate not getting mad when I missed him at the changeover, forcing him to do a 3rd night lap.-Just about everyone's attitude when passing, (a great change from last year).-The weather.-The singletrack across the motorway where I flew through every lap.-Not forgetting anything this year!-The Sunday night piss up in the field!-Getting the last rider across the line just before 2pm.Lows: -5am laps.-not doing quite as well as last year (19th)-my back-ache within 2 miles of the start, every lap.-my numb left hand.-that strange Limar jock strap freebie.-sun/heat stroke.-THAT FIELD!!!!!

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 11:22
Everyone seems to have a different name for that hellhole...mine started as the 'enery drain field' and swiftly mutated into the more literate 'f8cking f8ck of a f8cker 'as time wore on.Think someone else's name - plasticine field - is pretty apt.Still don't think it compares to the rutted knobbly shite though, especially that descent into the hard right bend. My wrists and hands are still buggered and I could put my right thumb in a meat grinder and I wouldn't notice...

Stuart Nicolson
26-06-01, 11:28
The washboards on the braking points into tight corners were hard work, but were over with quickly, whereas the sticky field was just there and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged - I thought it was like riding through setting concrete - and that little step at the end finished it off just fine.

Andy Rudall
26-06-01, 12:23
High Points:- The track (apart from porridge meadow hill).- The sun.- Being overtaken by nice 'celebrity' riders.- No punctures, no mechanicals, no injuries!- Knowing that I had done my best.Low Points:- Having a sore 'Netherland Crease'.- Not putting sun tan cream on my nose.- Not being able to sleep at all 'coz of the constant Red Bull energy drink rush.- Being overtaken by 'famous' foreign-type riders who only whistle at you before overtaking and then expect you to know whether to move left or right. Even David Blane would have difficulty working that one out!!Peace and Goodwill!

Grahame Baker
26-06-01, 12:25
Mmmmmmm plasticine field.Mmmmmmm the step at the end.The only way I could motivate myself for that bit was to remind myself that it was hurting everybody else just as much, and big, fat me passing them on a singlespeed was going to really p!ss them off.

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 12:40
I finally sussed out why you guys go for singlespeed - no numb thumb disease from constant shifting.Can't think of any other reason other than the fact that you're certifiably insane to want to put yourself through that degree of pain...

Dave Carlson
26-06-01, 12:42
And that's coming from a soloist???

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 13:00
good point, well made.However, I have an excuse - I was there to write an article, therefore I was working, therefore I didn't choose to do it, therefore I am not mad like the rest of the soloists/singlespeeders/unicyclists.Makes sense to me...

Stuart Nicolson
26-06-01, 13:07
Steve, the first sign of madness is that you think you are the normal one and everyone else is mad...

Dave Carlson
26-06-01, 13:14
You looked mad to me! :bThen again, people have told me I am mad to have done it on an XC full sus, with a full compliment of twiddly bits, and four other team members! I've still not worked out why I was there. Fortunately, I managed to wipe it all from my memory on Sunday night, thanks to the alcohol.

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 13:31
Oh yeah, team riders were mad as well Dave. Max effort, full-on lactic acid, heart in mouth for 40 minutes; repeat x 6. Ouch.Now if someone does it solo on a unicycle...any takers? Brant?

Grahame Baker
26-06-01, 14:13
To be fair, it was a really singlespeed-friendly course. Only 2 stupidly steep bits and only 1 flat-enough-for-long-enough-for-spinning-out-to-be-really-annoying bit.But, next time I may be tempted to take the Sugar.

Stuart Nicolson
26-06-01, 14:25
Some stats I've been bored enough to work out. A man with time on his hands, the results list and Excel can be dangerous.9,666 laps ridden at (by my computer's reckonning) 9.5 miles each = 91,827 miles = 3.75 times round the earth, or just over 1/3 of the distance to the moon.As there were two unicycle teams out there, doing 12 and 17 laps each, 19303 wheels passed over the course.Total rider time on course = 8798:07:13 = 366.5 days. Scarily close to a year eh?Average lap time = 54:37The winners, Giant World Team, averaged 37:01 a lap. The slowest bicycle team averaged 1:37:41. Unicycles went round in 2 hours and 1h 29, and a couple of the soloists averaged over 2 1/2 hours a lap, but all respect to them for completing. I'll get me anorak...

Grahame Baker
26-06-01, 14:41
And the Mustard award for supreme slacking goes to..... Mr Nicolson.Good work fella!

Paul Howard
26-06-01, 15:10
So as a scientific test - 19303 wheels don't actually cause much erosion (in dry conditions anyway) even in the water splashes. Tell a rambler that next time they have a go at you for messing up their" trails.Stuart, I can't wait till you get your sticky keyboard fingers on the full lap time listings! ;-)"

Steve Duffy
26-06-01, 15:24
Stats to make you sick:Ben Bardsley's first 27 laps ranged from a high of 43.35 to a 'low' of 57.30.His last 'slow' two laps came in at 1h 52 secs and 1.11.51In comparison, my best lap was 57.29!

Dave Carlson
26-06-01, 15:51
I've just remembered a slight 'anomaly' that I noticed towards the end of the race. At about 13:55, I noticed Rob Warner wandering around the arena, on the far side of the bridge. at 14:02, there he was riding across the line with all the lurkers! What the hell was that all about?

Mark W. Britchford
26-06-01, 16:05
Hummmmm...........interesting.I'm sure being the pro that he is he'll have a damn good reason why ;o)

Chipps Chippendale
26-06-01, 17:58
TV programmes, that's why... They don't need normal rules... I'm sure the TV programme (probably out early August) will imply that he rode the whole thing...Chipps

Steve Heading
26-06-01, 18:04
Are the individual lap times available yet? If so, where?

Jon Hall
26-06-01, 18:09
There's various links to times at

Jon Hall
26-06-01, 18:13
By which I mean

Chipps Chippendale
26-06-01, 18:28
Highs -* Seeing Sandwell turn from a City farm with a big flat grass area to a full-on Grundig-worthy race arena* Getting round the entire course (except for the little wooden bridge) on the back of Ken Ward's quad.* The Friday night 3am piss up* Telling the Giant team boss that the first prize was all going to be in coins...* The enormous cheer that went up at the start of the race - and at the end. What a buzz...* The most beautifully chaotic scene as the runners came into the long field and collected their bikes.* Sitting in the campsite on Sunday night, drinking beer in the sunshine and getting pizza delivered to our tent.* Seeing the Pros ride (for about five seconds before they were gone). * Having Gary Foord covet my Stadium Light on a night lap* The last corner of that last campsite climb, and the wiggly tree bit after it.Lows* The day after, walking round the course with a bin bag, collecting up the course tape and seeing a lonely, thin line worn into the course. Though a fine counter for people who reckon mountain bikes erode the countryside...* Sweaty, sweaty helmet straps, Camelbak straps, gloves and clothes. Did no one else sweat buckets?* Oh, OK - THAT field. I reckon the only reason I didn't get lynched for that was because I had to ride it too. I had to stop by that step at the end on a night lap and eat something, even though I knew I was near the end.* Seeing lots of friends, but only for a couple of minutes as we started/finished laps or ran off to eat.

Jon Brooke
26-06-01, 20:57
Chipps,What have you got against the Giant team? I was far too busy doing my own thing but the only time I saw any of them, when I got overtaken a couple of times, they were fine. Were they being Prima-Donna-ish?

Chipps Chippendale
26-06-01, 21:23
I've got nothing against the Giant boys. That was just an amusing moment - I was only spinning along their manager who'd heard from someone else about the coins thing. He thought it was funny anyway.No, I have huge respect for those boys. They're all really nice and they really enjoyed it. I was talking to Rune about the race beforehand and he reckoned that this was where racing had to go both for sponsors and for racers.On their website, the manager says I like the way everybody can race, from the biggest names around to the rider-next-door, no one is excluded. There were a lot of public and it was all very friendly. I am convinced we should return here next year to defend our title"Which is all good - for the sport and the event.When I saw the riders on the course, they were very polite - and incredibly fast... Chipps"

John Beardmore
26-06-01, 23:16
I think it is great that the organiser replys to messages on the forum. He`s in touch with the general competitors and obiously does everything for the love of it. Sums up the whole event. I certainly appecriate all the effort.Cheers.JohnPS Just been out biking this evening with all my freinds and I am already planning for next years event (solo!)PSS Sorry about all the dodgy spelling, its all the beer I have supped this evening after the biking.

Tim David
27-06-01, 08:40
Chipps, I heard a nasty rumour that this might have been the last Red Bull? Is that in name only due to sponsor pull out or is the event over?Please say it isn't so.PS - Thanks to you and the team for all the hard work

brant@ on-one.co.uk
27-06-01, 09:08
Red Bull aren't in next year I hear, but the race will continue. Chipps will be back online when he gets up, I guess :-)

Ashley Wright
27-06-01, 09:40
OOhhh the Benson & Hedges Mountain Mayhem 2002 anyone? No free energy drinks but you do get a ciggie at the end of every lap.Or perhaps the Boddingtons MM 2002 - with free beer insteadI think the best would be the Birds Custard Mountain Mayhem though.Ashley

Steve Duffy
27-06-01, 09:44
Think the Crystal Meth Mountain Marathon has a nice - and practical - ring to it.

Dave Carlson
27-06-01, 09:46
Ashley, Birds custard could sponsor THAT F*%#$NG FIELD.

brant@ on-one.co.uk
27-06-01, 09:49
No... Surely the SHAG Marathon...Sponsored by http://www.shagdrinks.com/Which is what me and Shaun were drinking at Red Bull. Strangely some members" of the forum seem to have confused it with us having gay penetrative sex!"

Stuart Nicolson
27-06-01, 09:50
Useful freebies;The Neurofen Mountain MayhemCruel irony;The Slumberdown Mountain Mayhem

Dylan Lang
27-06-01, 09:51
as opposed to gay non-penetrative sex?;)

Dave Carlson
27-06-01, 09:52
Somehow I can't see that working......Bye love, I'm just off down to Birmingham with 1500 sweaty bikers for the Shag..."Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. "

brant@ on-one.co.uk
27-06-01, 09:53
No... Gaston didn't get it either

Stuart Nicolson
27-06-01, 09:54
Another sponsorship opportunity you missed out onThe BUPA healthcare offcamber root.;-)Simply don't see how people could get the wrong impression Shaun...

Dave Carlson
27-06-01, 09:54
Oh. I heard he got it quite regularly.

Notoriously Bad Typist
27-06-01, 09:59
I suspect that the Reverend Gaston may not have visited singletrackworld and looked at Shaun's profile while that conversation was going on - I didn't until after the event :o)

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 10:36
I'm awake now... :-)There will definitely be a 24 hour race next year (and probably at least two) though it's not been confirmed that Red Bull will be the title sponsor. Red Bull normally only sponsor events for three years - and we've had four years. If they're not title sponsors, then they'll definitely remain as drinks sponsors. However, having seen the boss of Red Bull UK at the race on Sunday, he was sooo impressed at the atmosphere and the look of the event. We'll be meeting on it in a few weeks and I'll let people know how it goes. And with people like the Giant pros vowing to come back and defend their title, I reckon it can only get bigger. I also reckon we've got enough 'breathing space' and camping space on course to add another 50 teams.Chipps

Doctor White
27-06-01, 12:51
Can anyone tell me why the sleepless in the saddle event is so much more expensive? I really enjoyed the red bull (my first) and definitely will be back next year. However, would fully appreciate it if it didn't clash with the Glastonbury Festival, which luckily didn't run this year.

Andy Rudall
27-06-01, 13:08

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 13:13
Sleepless isn't 'so' much more expensive - it's 40 more, or a tenner a person.The reason? No financial giant like Red Bull behind it. Red Bull probably sink about a hundred grand into Mayhem (uncluding hiring the TV crew), and in return get a great event and a TV programme out of it (incidentally the only cycling programme on TV this year...)Sleepless is more low key and a lot of the costs are going to have to be supported by the entry fees.In contrast, here's the entry fees for the 24 hours of Tahoe (from the same guys as the 24 hours of Canaan)...Race Entry Fees:Mixed Pro/Am Team Entry Fee: $165 per racer x 4 = $660Four-Person Amateur Team Entry Fee: $110 per racer x 4 = $440Five-Person Open Team Entry Fee: $110 per racer x 5 = $550Solo Pro Entry Fee: $300 per racer x 1 = $300Plus - they charge for camping, parking, there's no 'cap' on food prices like Patrick has. Pat and I met with the promoter of that race and he told Patrick that he was being too nice to his racers... (!)And something like Sleepless - between a team of five is 28 - or just over a pound an hour. Compare that to an NPS where you'll pay 18 or so for an hour and a half's racing, no atmosphere, rare camping and grumpy racers... :-)I happen to know that Sleepless is only happening because Patrick and the timing guy have sunk a lot of their own money into making it happen.Er, I'll get of the soapbox now, but I think that clears that one up... :-)CheersChipps

Doctor White
27-06-01, 13:30
Ta chippsDidn't mean to say anything to start an argument, just wondered why the cost increase. (are shimano not putting any decent sponsorship money into it, they must have a a couple of quid down the back of their corporate sofa!).Those Stateside races know how to charge.Back in 99, someone tried to organise a 24 hour race in Thetford forest, but it all fell through about three weeks before it was due to happen. Anyone got any ideas whether they are likely to attempt another one. Methinks thetford would make a fine location and a brilliant 24 hour course. The singletrack there is fantastic especially at night.Chipps - Do you know yet when is the red bull going to be shown on telly?

Doctor White
27-06-01, 13:31
apologies for the backward grammar.

Pimpmaster Jazz
27-06-01, 13:39
Andy - you have too much time!;0)

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 13:42
I think the difference is that Shimano (UK) are sponsoring Sleepless, whereas Red Bull created and put together Mayhem... I agree that Thetford is ideal for a 24 horu race and I know of at least one promoter looking to put on a 24 hour there next year...I'll let everyone know when the TV prog is scheduled.

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 13:48
A horu race? Hmm...Still got the sleepless spelling...So, who has found that after saying 'Never again' on Sunday lunchtime, they were already coming out with 'Next year, we should...' on Monday...?Who's doing Sleepless in the Saddle? I've just heard that they're getting about five entries a day now...Chipps

Steve Duffy
27-06-01, 13:52
Guilty...after swearing blind I wouldn't do it solo again, come Monday morning I was already devising a foolproof strategy for next year. Glutton for punishment.And Thetford would be awesome for a 24hr - the singletrack there is absolutely great and there's plenty of space for camping - plus the added bonus of deer leaping out in front of you when you least expect it to really test your handling skills.

Stuart Nicolson
27-06-01, 13:59
Must admit to thinking never again" at 2:07 on Sunday.Changed to "Maybe next year" on MondayAnd now I'm thinking "Why not do Sleepless?"The scary thing is that I can't think of any good reasons not to - I must be mad as a fridge...."

Dave Carlson
27-06-01, 14:01
I'll definitely be doing the Red Bull, (or whatever) next year, if I can get an entry, but I'll probably just be working as pit crew for our team for Sleepless...Have you thought about doing a more extreme version at Hamsterley? Proper hills, and no plasticine! I don't know how many people would last 24 hours of sustained midge attack though...

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 14:21
I've thought about doing a really extreme version - in Wales. In December... 16 hours of darkness and guaranteed crap weather...Who's up for that then? :-)Chipps

Dominic Perry
27-06-01, 14:33
We thought that Wharncliffe Woods near Sheffield (site of an old NEMBA race) might be a suitable location - I was caned after two laps. Or possibly Afon Argoed, another gentle course.

Stuart Nicolson
27-06-01, 14:39
Wharncliffe wouldn't be any good - you could only guarantee that 2/3rds of the circuit would be a quagmire, and the local mosquitoes only cause swelling, not pustulating sores.Afan Argoed would be fantastic, though you wouldn't get very many laps in ;-)

Pimpmaster Jazz
27-06-01, 14:40
Sorry, would love to go to Wales to ride big hills for 24hours in the rain but I'm very busy in December, sleeping and stuff...!!I believe it was Ken Ward who tried to arrange a 24 hour for Thetford which fell through due to insurance(?), which was a real shame. I think it would be great for a 24hr race, but then that's because I ride there a lot and love techy singletrack so I'm probably biased...

Pimpmaster Jazz
27-06-01, 14:44
On a serious note, it is an all weather venue (one of my Red Bull training night runs was there straight after a thunder storm) and on the drier side of the country. Plus, it's hard in that it's a fast course and there's nowhere really to rest, but at least there's no Pritt Stick fields and nasty rutted climbs! Have to cut the M5 out of the loop though which would be a shame.

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 14:47
Well, Ken Ward was helping us on the preparation of the event. I reckon he'll be thinking of it next year... :-)Yes, I was thinking of Afan, Dom... :-) Not too hard, then...

Doctor White
27-06-01, 14:51
Me and the rest of the bandito posse will be up for a welsh 24 hour race in the hills. That includes you, sleepmaster jazz, I will be supplying the alarm clock to wake you up in time for your lap. It will be based on an air raid siren.........

Grahame Baker
27-06-01, 14:52
At least it would be singlespeedable?Chipps, how about a singlespeed class for next year? Or could you get the singlespeed teams results seperated out from this years results - it looked to me like most/all of the singlespeed teams made it obvious from their names that they were representing the dark side.

Chipps Chippendale
27-06-01, 14:55
Yes, there seems to be some call for a singlespeed class... Apparently there was only one Clydesdale entry, so we could drop that instead, perhaps.And if not, then I'll sort some prizes out anyway...

Jon Brooke
27-06-01, 14:59
And talking of class - I assume there will be a prize for top female solo next time?

Paul Howard
27-06-01, 15:07
Going to 'drag up' are you Jon in the hope of a getting a prize in a smaller catergory? ;-)

Paul Howard
27-06-01, 15:16
I forgot to mention my thanks to the DiamondBack mechanic who late on Saturday night replaced a broken spoke in my rear wheel, then wandered around the whole pit area to find someone with a jig so he could true it. Ta.

Pimpmaster Jazz
27-06-01, 15:16
Couple of socks, a sports bra and a bit of eyeliner would work...Have to work out what your colour is though (ducky)!Don't know what you're moaning about Doctor air-raid siren my arse" White - could you have managed the extra lap you would've had to have done if I'd got up in time? Eh?Can't really comment on Afan - never ridden there. It is in the works though. I believe the Doc, myself and the rest of the Bandito Posse will be making a foray down there soon."

Dominic Perry
27-06-01, 15:27
Imagine hills and climbs that seem to go on nearly forever and lots and lots of swooping singletrack descents that sometimes contain rocks. Oh and watch for the big shiney root in the hidden valley, we left it exposed whilst building that section and it nearly caught me out at the SS worlds.

Pimpmaster Jazz
27-06-01, 15:31
Cheers! I'll keep an eye out for it! Sounds like some of the roots on the Red Bull...

Doctor White
27-06-01, 15:45
Yeah, course I could handle that extra lap. Don't know if my bike could cope though. Afan will be a goer, asap. Need to get some blue juice first though.

Pimpmaster Jazz
28-06-01, 09:26
Definitely - could be west coast swell this weekend.

More Gears Than Sense
28-06-01, 11:22
Chipps,As I suspected you are crazy, having to do that huge climb at the SS worlds only once and have my arms and hands almost shaken off on the singletrack due to the fully rigidness of my singlespeed, I would have to catagorically say sod off!So I will be sortin out my team then, cu you in December!What the hell am I sayin?!

Chipps Chippendale
28-06-01, 11:44
Perhaps we'll start with an 'easy' 12 hour then... :-)Start at midnight? Finish in daylight?Have to see if Afan will hurry up and build their showers... Oh, and I'd have to get the commandos to marshall, otherwise we'd have more marshall casualties than racers... Er, not that there'll be any casualties.. er... :-)

Pimpmaster Jazz
28-06-01, 13:22
Commando marshalls? This I will have to see! Count me in!I think it will have to be done on a single speed one this time as well. Got to get my butt into gear and transform my classic Rockhopper.

Chipps Chippendale
28-06-01, 14:07
By Commando, I mean hard geezers in the Armed Forces Elite - not just men without pants... :-)Afan, singlespeed for 12 hours... Ouch...

Pimpmaster Jazz
28-06-01, 14:33
Bugger. Well, I suppose it gives them a break from running around training to kill people.Don't tell you'll be riding a geared bike there Chipps! Saying that, maybe I should test the water before taking the plunge...

Steve Duffy
28-06-01, 15:09
Singlespeeders = loons.Don't get sucked into the madness...;>)

Stuart Nicolson
28-06-01, 15:13
if soloist = loons and singlespeeders= loonsthen need I ask what Brant = ?

Grahame Baker
28-06-01, 15:24
Oi leave the little North American birds out of this.

Steve Duffy
28-06-01, 15:30
I have a special term reserved for Brant, but you'll have to wait for the article...

Pat Mustard
28-06-01, 15:31
So Brant = Soloist x Singlespeeder = ?I thought we'd all agreed on Brant ages ago.

More Gears Than Sense
28-06-01, 15:40
No Comment.About Brant anyway, come on if you are doing Afan then the only way to go is Singlespeed, after the Worlds though I think I will be bringing some springs in the form of Pace RC-36 as fully rigid will be way to much for 12 hours. It was bad enough for just under two. In fact I had bigger blisters on my hands after the worlds than I did after the Red Bull – Same bike to!

Jon Brooke
28-06-01, 20:27
No Paul I'm not going to drag up, I was actually making a serious point, which isn't always easy round here.I've not actually bothered to work this out but I suspect that Nicki Davies who came 8th in the solo category probably did better V the male competion in the solo class than either of the womens teams in elite or sports categories - so if the criteria for awarding prizes is based on athletic ability then there should be prizes for women's solo.Although she was the only female soloist this year I can think of a few other women who I'm sure would have done pretty well and maybe a prize or two might encourage them to do it.Interestingly in ultra-distance running the longer the distance the better women do. I think they generally start beating the men at around 100 miles. So maybe more women would enter RedBull if it was a bit longer. What do you think?And of course I don't need to drag up as I already race in the carpet baggers class, the mixed.

Paul Howard
29-06-01, 08:18
Yes Jon you're quite right, over endurance racing women do stand a better chance (should I be careful here by saying that they have a slow burning fat resource....I'll get my coat then run and hide).I agree with you though, there should be a prize for womens solo as of course most other sports are split by gender. Although it's the usual problem of getting enough female entrants, for example sport female had 10 teams, sport male had 200 so that's a heck of a lot more competition for us.I reckon the solo cat will expand every year as more people rise to the challenge (almost considering it myself) and if more women take part then excellent, show us the way to go.

Ashley Wright
29-06-01, 08:57
BTW,Breakdown of lap tiems are available at singletrackworld.comAshley

Steve Duffy
29-06-01, 09:25
Been doing some maths on Ben Bardsley?s?Ben completed his first 10 laps in 7.44.34, covering roughly 103 miles at an average speed of just over 13.3 miles per hour. His lap times ranged from a high of 43.35 to a low of 48.51 (these times include pitstops), faster than many accomplished sport class racers managed in the team category.As darkness and fatigue kicked in, Ben?s laps slowed slightly, but remained impressive. Over the next 17 laps his times ranged from a high of 50.31 to a low of 57.30.Even with the race in the bag and almost 300 miles in his legs, Ben completed his final two laps in 1.00.52 and 1.11.51.Ben completed a total of 298.7 miles at an average speed of marginally below 11.9 MPH(These figures are based on a stated lap distance of 10.3 miles).Jesus.

Pat Mustard
29-06-01, 09:34
Chuffin heck.What a stud.

Ashley Wright
29-06-01, 09:42
But the actual lap distance was about 9.3 miles - from what lots of people were saying on caomparing their trip computers. I would go with that figure myslef which in Ben's case is still highly impressive - and far better than anything I could do.Ashley

Steve Duffy
29-06-01, 09:43
Shite - that's a wasted hour then. So 9.3 miles is the unofficial official lap length then?

Dave Carlson
29-06-01, 09:52
I made it 9.3

Steve Duffy
29-06-01, 09:56
Back to the calculator...

More Gears Than Sense
29-06-01, 10:09
After reading all these messages, and the pain of the Red Bull a distant memory, I am now considering Solo on the Singlespeed for next year.What the hell I'm I thinking, please can someone help. A large spade over the head should cure these crazy thoughts!

Stuart Nicolson
29-06-01, 10:12
I made it 15.0km = 9.3 miles as well.

Chipps Chippendale
29-06-01, 10:17
Fair enough. My stated 10.3 was based on one person's computer before the race - probably before we chopped the course around a bit. Sounds like 9.3 is the accepted 'race day' distance...Chipps

Steve Duffy
29-06-01, 10:28
Ben completed his first 10 laps in 7.44.34, covering roughly 93 miles at an average speed of just over 12mph. His lap times ranged from a high of 43.35 to a low of 48.51 (these times include pitstops), faster than many accomplished sport class racers managed in the team category.As darkness and fatigue kicked in, Ben?s laps slowed slightly, but remained impressive. Over the next 17 laps his times ranged from a high of 50.31 to a low of 57.30.Even with the race in the bag and 250 miles in his legs, Ben completed his final two laps in 1.00.52 and 1.11.51.Ben completed a total of 269.7 miles at an average speed of just over 10.7mph(These figures are based on a stated lap distance of 9.3 miles).

Andy Rudall
02-07-01, 12:03
I think it's about time they posted the individual lap times on the www.redbullmountainmayhem.co.uk site....like they keep promising.(Sound of fingers tapping on desk!!)

Andy Rudall
02-07-01, 12:21
Fingers now stopped, found 'em at www.singletrackworld.com as mentioned earlier.Ta!

mark puddle
24-06-02, 16:04
first time to do red bull what a weekend plus pointssingletracksdownhill sectionsatmospheremassage tentmeeting Gary Fishermanitou boys for shock servicebad pointsthat field of treacleand that other track of mulchy shit what a leg drain they werehope to be back for more next year and i fancy Wales for a 12 or 24hr event

Will Fear
24-06-02, 19:22
yeah last year's red bull was great wasn't it!

Anne Brown
24-06-02, 23:12
I would just like to point out that there was solo unicyclist riding this year. His name is Joe Marshall and he didn't come last!!!

Rory Blag
24-06-02, 23:26
enough info, thanks anne

mr breakit
25-06-02, 01:01
have i been here b4 ??????

Dave Stocks
25-06-02, 16:36
Good bits:All the lovely swoopy singletrackAll the down hill bitsOvertaking roadie racers on the single trackBeing overtaken by the French guy in the Giant team (he was very polite) and staying with him for at least 2 metres on the death by chocolate" single track.Clicking into the big ring for the final descent to the camp site.Crossing the finish line at warp 9 and pretending I'd been going that fast all the way round.Bad bits:10pm on Sat getting ready for another lap and thinking we could be in the Lakes cracking open the beers and cranking up the barbie.Realising my car had shrunk over the weekend because less stuff would not fit in.Experiencing the super-gravitational force beamed down on the FoT by aliens (some of this leaked onto the single track climb just before the FoT as well).Getting up at 3:30am for a 4am double to find I would not be out until 5am."

Aonghus Haiceid
25-06-02, 17:16
good bits:sweet singletracksteep rough downhillsour two ul invalids offering out whiskey on the dusty climb, one wearing a hockey mask and hoodyhardly being caught or overtaken on the singletrack all weekendhaving the noisiest drivetrain thereonly going over the bars oncemaking a public show of presenting the club president with his entitlement of brown m&msbad bits:going over the bars (damned log in long grass)having the noisiest drivetrain therechain breaking twice on a night lap (i'll try sachs next time i've money)arriving back twice to find nobody to hand over to, both times after fast (by my standards) lapsthat much pasta can't be healthy

Claire Kendrick
25-06-02, 18:51
1337 if you want to see me in action.Good bitsSingletrack fun especially as it got more ruttedSunshine on SundayBright and breezy riding at 5:30 amChatting to male bikers on routeWhen woodchips turned to gravel- extra gear!Army cadets chanting supportEating what you liked all dayLosing weight!Seeing how fast I could really go under pressure!Bad bitsGetting out of sleeping bag at 1:30 and 4:30 amTreacle field on EVERY lapWoodchipsSlipping from 3rd to 5th- how!Eating anotrher Power BarDrinking that 5th litre of sickly sweet energy drink

Concussion Duffy
25-06-02, 23:17
Good Points:Myself and Derek riding a lap in slings (broken collar bones and a broken shoulder-blade) and being called a pair of nutters" by Gary Fisher for doing so.Getting a tan.Getting a ride on a Supercal 29.The blonde in the tent across the way.Giving whisky to a DH'er on the Dusty Climb at 2 in the morning.Getting to interview our riders when they came in shattered after laps.Being a bike whore and riding everyone's steeds.Gary Fisher slings.Having over 2000 ppl in a field for 3 days and hardly seeing any rubbish on Monday morning.Bad points:Not being able to compete.The gravel left-hander at the end of the first descent...not good with one hand and one brake.Not being able to open her up on the twisty singletrack...it just yearned to be taken fast.Finding a camera crew in my face when exiting my tent after incoherently mumbling "Oh, I thought I heard her"Being publically humiliated in front of the commentators box for being club president. (Flour, water, silly hat, being slapped in the face with a used glove)And a big thanks to Black Diamond for their charger and to the RAF for minding our bikes.Oh yeah, and that fcuking field...."

Wotno Brakes
26-06-02, 07:02
Good Bits:Getting our entry in this year.Lovely dusty swooping single track.The sun for being out nearly all weekend.All those army cadets who marshalled especially the girls on the exit road from the campsite.Watching the Giant boys in action, close-up.Watching the sun rise on my 3am til 5am night stint.All those female mtb'rs.Finishing with no injuries.Red Bull - what a great energy drink.Down Bits.Having a decidedly dodgy stomach at 2.30 before my night stint.Our team captains pasta cooking.The mulch climb up the field.The only two puddles on the whole circuit that made my bike dirty.The rutted and stepped descents on the last few laps.All those solo'ers that did more laps on their own than we did as a team. - Outstanding!Again a massive thankyou to Patrick, Chipps and everyone else who organised the best RedBull yet. Long may this event continue to get bigger, better and stronger.Wotno #778

Dr Dolittle - Life is sweet, and so is my car.....
26-06-02, 07:23
Good Bits.Getting in at allGetting in for free! (thanks again BM)Meeting all the BM crewOvertaking singlespeeders on the final descentEntering the arena at warp speed like a true hero.'Pedal You Pussies!!!'Cheerleading CadetsHeckling Team SpermitesThe night lapGetting to borrow a Trek Fuel 90 and 8000.The sports massage tent.The bad bits:My back giving out early sunday morning.The cold at nightThe woodchip climbBreaking the Fuel 90My lights dying halfway round my night lap

Bobby da Silva
27-06-02, 21:32
Bad Bits:Being too slow sending the entry form off.Being on holiday when BM offer free places!Best bits:Seeing a very broken looking Doc on Sunday afternoon.Sitting halfway up the steep dusty climb heckling riders in the dark.Being told to shut up coz some woman was trying to sleep. (We were right next to the quiet campsite.)Moving further along the course towards the first motorway crossing to continue our heckling only to be told by the marshals to Stop shouting at the riders. They're here to do a job".Having several large squaddies turn up to try and make us move only for them to realise that we weren't local scallies when the Doc stopped to talk to me.Offering whiskey to the riders. Only two riders stopped. One we knew, the other was #253 (I think). Good work fella!Were you lot actually taking this thing seriously? Mr Mustard said the singletrack flowed better than ever after his tipple!But the best moment was right at the end when the first of the loiterers came into the arena. He ragged it down to the hairpin, pulled a skid and ended up flat on his arse infront of everyone. Nobe."