View Full Version : Who's your ISP?

Dan (www.thehorsesmouth.tk) Grey
14-03-03, 01:09
Who's your ISP? They any good? Got Broadband?

Dan (www.thehorsesmouth.tk) Grey
14-03-03, 01:11
Actually, can I change it a bit? What/who do you use to surf the net? Do you all have work connections?

Mr. B
14-03-03, 05:43
Yup, work. Fat pipes rule.

Paul Banyagi-Mugenyi
14-03-03, 07:32
@ Work big o'll fat pipes.@ Home BT broadband - not bad at all.

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
14-03-03, 08:03
big fat ones at work too.... need broadband at work, badly!!

10% less Fat Bear
14-03-03, 08:09
Broadband at work here, with the added excitement of having big brother tracking everything I do!

..... Fishcutter
14-03-03, 08:17
morning peeps, watching with excitment for an interesting thread!!its friday, must get good soon!?

tim murfin (10% heavier)
14-03-03, 08:18
broadband at work, dial-up at home.I don't go on the internet at home much anymore, waaaaaay to slow.

Dave Carlson
14-03-03, 08:27
Fat pipes at work, BT broadband at home.

Dan (Dan)
14-03-03, 09:01
whats the speed on a fat pipe ?Satellite at workDial-Up at homeDan

Tom Cox
14-03-03, 10:00
being at uni we have a ridiculously fast connection.things like mp3's take seconds to download, however the people who run it are dreadful - they're called the iss and randomly disconnect your computer from things. msn for example this usually works however yahoo messenger doesn't, neither do yahoo games. 60 a year for quality speed and appalling service hmmmmm

Dan (www.thehorsesmouth.tk) Grey
14-03-03, 16:51
Satellite?? How does that work?I think I've seen some houses with radio internet. What's that like?

Ming the Merciless
14-03-03, 17:18
Use AOL at 46kps, at least that's what the modem lies to me at. I want broadband but becuse my local exchange is still run by old dears with a jack plug board infront of them I have not got a hope. Oh and for Bt to think about uprating my exchange we need about 500 people to want broadband.....so far there are about 70!

Mike Davis
14-03-03, 18:25
512kbps cable broadband here. Could upgrade to 1Mbps but that just seems a little silly.

R o m e o
14-03-03, 18:29
satellite broadband at home - dish and phone lineuploads crawl up the phonelinedownloads zoom in from the satellitevery expensive but means you can have bb anywhere in the country

Anne Brown
14-03-03, 19:45
Bt Broadband 576kb

joE* (Mastered The Art Of Losing)
15-03-03, 13:20
Ntl Broadband 600k - the reliability is shocking at the moment due to massive server upgrades

Darren McHugh
15-03-03, 20:26
Telewest broadband best I have used .AOL was always falling over (crashing)BT is full of problems .Telewest has been voted the best and awarded for it..@ 25 a month for 24/7 surfing the net , down load mp3 no problem its worth every penny of it....

MrC Watt
16-03-03, 02:40
Mr isp is spankthemonkeycouk

terry walker
16-03-03, 15:49
iv got telewest broadband at home fast as f*ck, bb+ all inclusive telephone package works out same as bt+ surftogether witch was crap (slow & unreliable )