View Full Version : Electric Hobs - Pile of crap

Michael Hogburn
13-03-03, 12:40
Just moved and started using an electric hob - what the hell are they about? Damn thing takes 3 days to change temperature. What a load of arse. Yeah, OK so I'm ranting. Just needed to let off some steam. (Something I would try with that damn cooker).

10% less Fat Bear
13-03-03, 12:43
Its true. they really suck big time. Gas hob, electric oven, & gas grill. Its the only way to cook.

Anne Brown
13-03-03, 12:45

Mike D
13-03-03, 12:47
Nah! You just have to use the 'Mistic Meg' style of cooking.

Ancient Mariner
13-03-03, 12:50
If you don't have gas where you live (as we don't) then a halogen hub is the next best compromise.

Matt Savage
13-03-03, 12:51
Try using an electric hob with cast iron Le Crueset pans, you need to apply in writing 2 weeks in advance before they'll heat up!

Michael Hogburn
13-03-03, 12:52
Halogen? They cost a fortune don't they? It's a life of micro meals for me, ASDA are selling them for 39 - bargain.

Anne Brown
13-03-03, 12:54
ASDA are selling micro meals for 39?

cooky! *shirt ninja*
13-03-03, 12:55
we have ceramic ones... the pans just scratch the crap out of them. the oven though is fantastic, bakes pizzas in 7 minutes flat.kick. arse.

Michael Hogburn
13-03-03, 13:00
Ha! sentence construction problem! Sorry! Microwave 39 - M. meal 39p

JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
13-03-03, 13:17
what is worse is when you pop your pan on the electric hob, allow the required 20 mins for it to reach boiling point... then return 20 mins later to discover that you've put the wrong one on! Grrrrr.

13-03-03, 13:27
You need to find electric friendly produce" or EFP. Most roadside shops will order them if asked"

Charlie T
13-03-03, 13:30
why not just get a takeaway curry instead?

Ming the Merciless
13-03-03, 15:37
Halogen hopes are cool, until you spil one of the most corrosive substances known to man on them, hot jam, if you don't wipe it off quick its temper tantrum time!

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
13-03-03, 15:38
seriously, hot jam??? well i'll be,.....20mins boil up time???? why dont you boil up the water in the kettle first?

Mike D
13-03-03, 16:53
I do, I put the kettle on the other ring while I'm waiting....

Ancient Mariner
13-03-03, 20:17
Le crueset works fine on our ceramic hob. Good for rice and pasta. We do always use the kettle to heat water first though. Mild steel is the business for frying pans - tefal type ali is next to useless for frying meat.Talking about which - Chicken Tikka massala calls me from the kitchen :-)