View Full Version : Choices, choices

Charlie T
11-03-03, 17:46
Just won 50 vouchers for HMV. What wondrous choices should I make then?

Steve Milne
11-03-03, 17:48
At their prices you could get about two CD's...

R o m e o
11-03-03, 17:49
if there is nothing you really really want at the moment why not give it to mum/girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever as a surprise present?

Douglas - http://www.mybikeneedsfixed.co.uk - Shearer
11-03-03, 17:50
Yeah! I looked at 5 cd's in Virgin and HMV the other day, both shops came to around 80. Went to a local chain (FOPP), and got the whole lot for 27!!!Dougal.

Charlie T
11-03-03, 17:52
There are a lot in the 3 for 20 range though. Any good stuff I really need to have? And, Romeo, I'm not feeling generous. it's mine. I won it!

Muddy Bronco
11-03-03, 18:42
Get your favouritest films on vid or CD.If they're old classics they'll come in nice packaging.Call me an old softie but I've got Dr. Zhivago and (don't laugh) Brief Encounter in lovely green boxes.

Jonty Dennis
11-03-03, 19:12
If your after Music, I can recommened the red hot chili's album by the way", if your into that kind of music."

Muddy Bronco
11-03-03, 19:41
Or lots of coming down hill fast on a bike and crashing to some sh!t hot rock music videos. You can always put a towel over the screen and turn the sound up.

Wookie Da Silva
11-03-03, 19:45
I bought fabric 9:slam on saturday. It's ace. (Also bought a Justin Timberlake single for my sins. For some reason I really like it)

Charlie T
12-03-03, 08:38
Yep, so far the Chilli's album is top of the list. I also thought about a bit of AC/DC for the car. Like the video idea though,but even more choices- Casablanca, Taxi, Italian Job, Kellys Heroes, the list goes on...

Archangel Azrael
12-03-03, 09:46
How about some nice skiffle 'n' bass?

Charlie T
12-03-03, 09:47
I was waiting for that!