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Charlie T
28-02-03, 08:58
I know there's someone out there who knows a thing or two about Zapcats, and I think it's Mr Ste. ANyone got any good advice on getting sponsored for a seasons racing in Zapcats? A mate of mine has just really got in to it and wants to get paid for it. Any ideas/leads much appreciated

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
28-02-03, 09:26
yeah its meerm. well, i'm not too sure about sponsorship and racing and stuff. two of my mates have a business over here bringing in windsurfing/surfing/etc, etc stuff and have the dealership.they have one, and i think are gonna start racing in the mainland, so i'll find out a bit about it if you like, but i'd have thought getting sponsored for zapcat racing is much the same as anything else.p.s. get him to take you out in it.p.p.s, dont flip it unless you're sure you can take the spark plugs out, and drain the engine whilst still in the water.p.p.p.s actually, you wont have much say in whether you flip it/get thrown out whilst taking a corner at 40mph. if it wants you out, you'll come out!