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Archangel Azrael
26-02-03, 10:14
Okay folks, got a question for y'all (sorry, I think this probably belongs in the Rides section, but I thought I'd get a more balanced response here!!):I'm doing the London Marathon this year, but also want to to the Gorrick the week before. Now, I've never done one of these Gorrick things, so I was wondering what I can expect... Is it all mild mannered and traily, or is it all technical with big drop-offs etc. I only ask because I'd really rather not have to pull out of the Marathon at the last moment with a broken leg / arm / nose / back / head.....

SloBoy - The Last Veteran
26-02-03, 10:38
You're relatively unlikely to get killed at a Gorrick race, I would say - although I've never actually run at the Surrey Hill tracks - which might have the potential for more downhilly stuff than the other sites.Generally, though, it'll be XC type crashes you'll be looking at.Why not do the one on Mar 16th as well as a taster ?

Archangel Azrael
26-02-03, 11:23
Hmmmm...... okee dokee. Cheers Sloboy. I was going to do the run onthe 16th, but was then reminded of a long standed engagement by my better half which has rather put the kibosh on that expedition.

SloBoy - The Last Veteran
26-02-03, 12:17
Seriously, mate - no big drop offs - and even if there were, it's a race 'k, so its always ok to hop off and run.It's all woodland/heathland stuff, so generally a soft landing. As long as you don't hit the trees ;O)I guess it all depends how much of a hurry you're in to get round.

Archangel Azrael
26-02-03, 12:25
Not really in any rush. Tis me first competition too (up until now I've been strickly Xcing for fun) so I just want to hack around and enjoy it. Cheers for all yer help Sloboy!

Paul Cooper
26-02-03, 15:27
AA - I was thinking of a Gorrick as a trial run in the old racing senario and was similarly concerned that I might be ill prepared for massive drop offs given my level of skill!I am relieved to hear that Surrey hill might be the most extreme since I do the trails round there all the time and never thought of them as extreme! I must be well hardcore!

Archangel Azrael
26-02-03, 16:19
Innit! My stomping ground tends to be around Leith Hill / Dorking area. Is Surrey Hill anything like that?