View Full Version : Sunny Friday in London

Jools .
22-06-01, 08:15
Just wanted to share that with the group.

Notoriously Bad Typist
22-06-01, 08:17
Yes, it is isn't it? Absolutely Gorgeous. I think I'll eat my Sarnies in the park today and look at at the lovely poeple basking in the sun.

Jools .
22-06-01, 08:18
mmmmmmmmmmmpeople basking

Dylan Lang
22-06-01, 08:28
I'll go and see if I can spot Ali G filming for his new series from the Pub :)

Jools .
22-06-01, 08:32
I love the summer me. Especially the need for less clothing.

Dylan Lang
22-06-01, 08:33
Boing, boing, boing:)

Jon Hall
22-06-01, 08:53
I've got the day off. And new forks on my bike. Just thought I'd share that.

Rob Sutherland
22-06-01, 09:13
I would just like to say it's sunny in Edinburgh as well - you Londoners don't have a monopoly on sun you know....despite all the contrary evidence.That said I fully expect it to start raining again before I get out of the office, cos that's just the norm for Scotland!

22-06-01, 09:17
I would be out biking, had I not killed my beautiful bike. Sob.

Gavin Randall
22-06-01, 09:39
worked and lived in london for a few years, chelsea fulham area. used to love riding after work in the summer down to putney bridge then along the tow path to barnes common, p@ss around on that stuff before getting back onto the path way past hammersmith bridge and riding back along the side of the thames to putney. other deviations were accross the commons to richmond park and using the bridleways footpaths there, or same on wimbledon (better)park. obviously not a mtb mecca, but really surprising how much offroad is around there. best nights though were when the womens row teams were practiscing out of the putney boat houses..lovely strapping lasses!

Dylan Lang
22-06-01, 09:55
Definitely one of the advantages of the summer rowing season... Last weekend's 'racing' was a bit of a high point...

jue widdy
22-06-01, 10:02
It's not quite as sunny here in the Peak District, but then I suppose we can't have everything.......mmmmmmm I think i'll just pop out for a ride at lunchtime.

Simon McNally
22-06-01, 10:18
Anyone know what the weather is doing in Sandwell?I've heard there's a few folks going for a ride there this weekend.

Jon Hall
22-06-01, 10:25
I like it round there too, Gavin. Used to live in Parsons Green.In fact next time you're riding past, I'll wave from the Hammersmith End if there's a Fulham match on.

Gavin Randall
22-06-01, 10:32
bit far for me to go fer a eve ride these days, live in west cornwall (far west!) now (had a lovely midsummers eve ride last night in the hills out back of my house). also the wife would kill me if i so much looked at a strapping rowing club gurlie these days!

Notoriously Bad Typist
22-06-01, 11:17
marwood, what happened to your bike? we spent 6 hours round ladybower on saturday and it was wonderful, although we did almost break a klein when the read disc brake slipped off

22-06-01, 13:12
ah yes, the third of a mile of woody Hampstead Heath singletrack that punctuates my otherwise urban journey was particularly pleasant this morning.