View Full Version : NEWSFLASH!!!

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
14-02-03, 10:46
Sadam hussain has ordered all afghan women to shave thier bubic hair.this is the latest step in his anti Bush campaign

Beckers ....(mmmm liquorice bunnies....)
14-02-03, 10:47

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
14-02-03, 10:51
pubic, DOH!

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
14-02-03, 11:45

JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
14-02-03, 11:49

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
14-02-03, 11:50

JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
14-02-03, 11:56
that was gratuitous!

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
14-02-03, 11:59
YES! yes it was, it made me feel dirty and used, and i kinda liked it!

Dave Carlson
14-02-03, 12:00
Gratuitous flaps make you feel dirty and used? I think you must be doing something wrong! ;-)

Diane *GG*
14-02-03, 13:07
That, or your flaps need spring-cleaning...

Anne Brown
14-02-03, 13:09
clean and well sprung flaps for comfort. Bliss.