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Shergie (Art Students, Tsk, Tsk...)
13-02-03, 11:55
Right the time has come to choose a uni, simple question Out of Buckinghamshire, Lincon, Salford, exeter and Cardiff where is the best mountainbiking terretory

James Roberts
13-02-03, 11:56
Will you have a car. If so, i think there are some top top qulity trails not a long distances drive Cardiff.

his hollyness serge the second
13-02-03, 11:58
not Buckinghamshirewhere do you live, go to one miles away from your parents and enjoy uni life.I surgest Exeter on both

Shergie (Art Students, Tsk, Tsk...)
13-02-03, 12:05
Unforchanatly i dont have a car but im quite willing to put the miles in,

JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
13-02-03, 12:11
I nearly chose Exeter. Not far from the seaside, good reputation and miles from relatives and parents (unless you're cornish!)- although we can tell you're an art student cuz you spelt 'university' wrong! Tusk Tusk ;)

Nuclear Jambo
13-02-03, 12:32
Cardiff by far!The is excellent street, enough trials places to keep you going for months, taff buggy trails (a dragon venue) really close by. XC a gogo, rides up mountains, the taff trail itself along the river, you name it, theres even trails at Tallybont halls if you get in those in the first year.They had a good mountain biking club at the uni too but now i;ve left im not sure what they have (theres even a skatepark for bmx/mountainbikes too and its indoors :) )ta

Charlie T
13-02-03, 12:36
There used to be, and I believe still is, a big club presence at Southampton and Bristol, if you can go to either of those. My vote woudl be Exeter if you had a car, but then I'm a bit of West Country boy at heart!

John Hooper
13-02-03, 12:42
Lincolnshire is pretty flat, & in the middle of nowhere; Salford is within a short car or train journey of the Peaks AND the Lakes, but the city itself has an awful reputation. It also has Man Utd every other saturday, which would be enough of an off-putter for me ;-)

R o m e o
13-02-03, 12:43

Paul Cooper
13-02-03, 12:47
Exeter - Exmoor and Dartmoor close at hand plus coastline a go go.

James Carlsson
13-02-03, 12:51
i wouldnt choose salford as i vistited it in the summer and cant say i was that impressed it is quite run down and when compared to cardiff and exeter its pretty shit but it depends on what course you want to do , personaly i would choose cardiff

Milton the Sausage
13-02-03, 12:57
Cardiff by a mile.Cwmcarn 20minsAfan Argoed 30minsBrecon Beacons 30minsSpectacular Mid wales 1hrGreat trails on 1000ft+ hills - on your doorstepThe mtb community in South Wales is starting to gel into something rather organised too - so there's always plenty going on if your into races, enduros etc.Cardiff gets better by the day toocheck out the forum on mtb-wales.com if you've got more questions

The Joy Of Lex
13-02-03, 12:58
If you are really into your biking. Cardiff is the location of your dreams, seems to have a high number of beautiful women to. Is cheaper to live in than any of the others, good shopping, nightlife etc.If I hadn't fallen in love with the fair city of Bristol, it would have been Cardiff.Lucky bastard....

Milton the Sausage
13-02-03, 12:58
Lincoln - are you mad?

Guy Colborne
13-02-03, 13:24
Cardiff: go, go now...Started mountain biking when at college there ( cue flashback to 1991 full rigid specialized Hardrock, silly foam+mesh helmet, dodgy dayglo yellow cycling gear which I still have that in my cupboard...) Totally ace trails: Castell Coch, Garth Mountain, Rudry ( see this months' MBR), Caephilly mountain, the Wennalt, Machen mountain ALL ACCESSABLE BY BIKE FROM THE CITY VIA THE TAFF CYCLE TRAIL!Also the taff trail goes straight up to the Brecon BeaconsAnd now there are all the new dedicated trails in south and mid wales.Good city: fun, good centre, big student population, millenium stadium etc etc.

Dan (Dan)
13-02-03, 13:29
lincoln is flatter than flat

Emma Peasland
13-02-03, 14:42
Out of those options Cardiff will be the best for biking, it's a cool city, although on the small side. A pretty similar option, which a few people have mentioned, is Bristol, it's a bit like a bigger version of Cardiff, with pretty much the same access to all the same areas and the South West, Mendips etc... and some biking right on the very edge of the city which is really easy to get to. But it ight not be a real option as far a uni itself goes.

Frances Whyte
13-02-03, 14:52
Rob Berry..Cardiff MTB scene has always been huge..it's just a case of getting into the right shop and meeting the write people. Best place to go is Cyclopaedia on Crwys Road..massive crowd of people out MTBing from there. There are also loads of trails around Cardiff centre which you can ride, Castell Coch, Garth, Nant garw (watch the farmer with his gun on this one!) Carephilly, Whips, Rydry, Bedwas, Sirhowy..the list is endless!! Same as what Guy says! It rocks. have a look at www.cardiffjif.com for info on club and what they get up to etc! If you want any more info e-mail me.

Pimpmaster Jazz
13-02-03, 15:22
Cardiff is great, just very wet.

Ben Bilsland
13-02-03, 15:29
Have you looked up the University cycling clubs on the net?You can ask them when they meet, how often. Whether they have a mini-bus, what sort of riding etc...

Shergie (Art Students, Tsk, Tsk...)
13-02-03, 16:41
Yes i am an art student, not that u like to admitt it and yes cardiff does seem like a cool place to be. I think when Mr UCASS comes along i might just put that. Cheers Guys :-)

Shergie (Art Students, Tsk, Tsk...)
13-02-03, 16:42
I really should learn how to spell thou...

Guy Colborne
13-02-03, 16:50
Which college in Cardiff??????

Shergie (Art Students, Tsk, Tsk...)
14-02-03, 12:22
The llanduff campus

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
14-02-03, 12:27
christ... education standards are very poor these days

Guy Colborne
14-02-03, 13:02
Er, I think you mean Llandaff...

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
14-02-03, 13:03
puts case down... it is rested.