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SloBoy or OldBoy - You decide
03-02-03, 12:15
So as we're having a bit of things we hate" day, I'd just like to say that I cannot bear to be in the same room as mainstream TV news anymore (partic. ITV news at 10)Within 30 seconds, I'm squirming at the lack of journalistic skill, analysis, insight and just about anything else you care to name.They all seemed to have passed "The use of platitude when delivering a human interest story" module but flunked the rest of course at journo school."

Milton the Sausage
03-02-03, 12:46
Channel 4 news is the most watchable, but that's turning more like a show" every day. The analysis and the way it's presented has become more important than the basic facts. I wish they woul djust tell us what they know not speculate endlessly on what tomorrow's news will be.On the plus side, there's a lot of fit wimmin' reading the news these days."

Fat Bear
03-02-03, 12:53
Emily Maitlis (BBC LDN) Mmmm...

SloBoy - The Last Veteran
03-02-03, 12:58
So, Rob, we're just looking for the wider roll out of Canada's ground breaking nakednews"."

SloBoy - The Last Veteran
03-02-03, 12:58

Milton the Sausage
03-02-03, 13:02
Another thing that gets on my nerves about news programmed is this increasing trend of reminding the viewer about the upcoming stories.I accept that at the start of a show it's prudent to summarise what stories are being covered. Fine, but five minutes later, after the first story you get a still to come on tonight's programme" just in case anyone's got the memory span of a frikkin goldfish - it's just dumbed down and patronising. This happens about 5 or 6 times in a half hour programme. Nuts.BBC Wales today is probably the worst culprit. By the time they get to the snooker-playing-parrot story at the end of the show you've heard about it so many times you just want to scream."

SloBoy - The Last Veteran
03-02-03, 13:21
I'm glad I'm not the only one. There's lots of other irritating shows on to (game shows, soaps, reality tv, Dick and Dom in da bungalow, ) but in a way, they're supposed to be irritating and they have nothing that I want.I want to be a customer of the news shows, but they just won't let me !

R o m e o
03-02-03, 13:33
i hate the way they are overly friendly with each otherwhenever they go to outdoor broadcast see how often they say crap like well phil can you tell us whats going on" and they reply "yes huw, we are getting some information ......"I dont recall kenneth kendall ever doing that."

Tim - base phase
03-02-03, 14:00
Than goodness for the Radio 4 Today programme still the bastion of informed reporting. The presenters even have the decency to sound embarassed when forced to cover pointless lowbrow tedium.

Space Hound Spot
03-02-03, 15:21
ITN News Channel Sunday morning reporting the Columbia accident, they were asking questions of a freeking Astronomer about what had caused the accident. I can see the researchers thought process....Dur, the fing came from Space and crashed.... who knows about space?Dats it an Astrologer, no not quite right.. Astronomer dats it!! I'll get hold of one of those.Patrick Moore (unavailable due to severe jitters)and an inability to stand..I'm in England (read London) so will go to local Uni and find one.Finds an Spanish Astronomer called Rodrigues (Rob no disrespect)and persuade him to come on a feature on Space.The poor s@d had to sit through a number of questions about how the damn thing fell out of the sky and what he surmised was the problem.The man is a freeking Astronomer, ask him about stars and gas etc. and he'd probs talk your @rse off, but the STS he had little knowledge of above that of a layman....He looked totally embarressed and squirmed to get away. If the poor little, narrow minded, Londoncentric pr@t of a researcher had bothered to look farther afield he'd have found a huge wealth of knowledge on the feckin subject some 60 mile away or even closer if he'd bothered to look to farnborough.Idiots the fecking lot of them, condescending, patronising, simple minded fecking idiots.(ducks in case Arnold attacks in his romper suit/beret incarnation)

SloBoy - The Last Veteran
03-02-03, 15:29
So Spot, are you a denizen of the Farnborough DERA site ?

Luke Rake
03-02-03, 15:29
I had the dubious pleasure of being at college with both Krishnan Guru Murthy AND Tash Kaplinsky.I can tell you this...media tarts are born, not made. Mind you, poor old Krish did have an awful lack of cred for being on Newsround - his jumpers were things of great beauty during his formative years. And his MX5 parked outside. No style.That said, he does actually have some intelligence and skill, whereas young Natasha....? Hmm...Not that I would dream of saying anything libellous about her time at Sky.She's lovely. Really clever. Would never slag people off when her mike was still switched on. Oh no.

Space Hound Spot
03-02-03, 16:33
Nope fraid not, SloBoy I work in Operational Support for Satellites. Used to be Systems analyst for the damn things as well.

Ming the Merciless
03-02-03, 17:51
Question for Space Hound Spot, do the Satellite Op's people crap themselves over a solar storm, prominence, mass ejection, flare etc. Does the Sat shut down via ground control or do you let it crash" and then reboot after a while (I have visions of a sprung wound mechanical timer linked to a soleniod/springy thing that after a few hours of ratchetting down hits the reboot button to restart the crashed onboard computer).Many thanks "

Space Hound Spot
03-02-03, 20:41
Ming,Yes, but not too much,No, payload may shut down rarely but have you ever lost Satellite TV during a CME?Nosometimes it feels like it.Also we have probs when there are Meteoroid storms such as Leonids etc. They cause large physical damage due to there size and more than anything there velocity.I have seen the damage a 5mm diameter particle, travelling at the same speed as Columbia was when she disintigrated, does to 1cm thick steel and it ain't pretty.