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nick cummins
23-01-03, 16:32
McDonald's made a loss of $343 Million last QUARTER!!excuse this, but Fcuk me to tears, that's a shed load of cash. they've blamed it on exceptional losses incurred shutting down over 700 resturants" in the US and Japan. with more to follow apparently. If this spells the end of their dominace, where will all the scuzzy teens hang out? "

Beckers ....(Head of caterering for the C1XV...)
23-01-03, 16:36
fantastic, they've been rumbled

tony mcgarley
23-01-03, 16:50
Damn, we'll now have to go elsewhere for 'family' Sunday lunch.

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 16:53
Already Subway have overtaken McDonalds in the US, in terms of number of restaurants at least.With good reason, IMO...

Dr.Feely-good.... This won`t hurt a bit
23-01-03, 16:58
What sort of outfit is `Subway` Eion?

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
23-01-03, 17:05
Mac's is closing 'restaurants' in london due to costs.... good.Subway make subway (subs) sandwiches.... about the size of a baguette, but the bread is softer... normally filled with en entire salad bar and meat. luckily, they do 'half' subs. there used to be one on oxford street and was quite good... cheap and reasonably healthy, if you had a veg one.

Steve Milne
23-01-03, 17:06
If they close where am I supposed to go when hungover needing junk food to then spend the day telling people it was shite and I'm never going back?Then another hangover comes along...

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 17:10
Subway is just as Arnold says. They make the subs as you watch and tell them how you want it made. Not super cheap, but not super expensive either, moderately healthy (they have specific subs which they mark as being low fat, which is nice). The bread is fresh and baked in store, and they've got a bunch of different sorts. They also take cards (which is nice, I hate carrying cash), and do a 15% student discount on meals. Oh, and you can refill your drink, too. I like 'em. :¬)

James 'You looking @ me'
23-01-03, 17:16
MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm ft long Subway. One just of Princes street in Edinburgh.I think I found quite possibly the worst McDonalds in existence yesterday, in Bristol. Everyone in there looked unloved" and evil."

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 17:21
Have you ever seen a McDonalds employee who really looked like they were happy to be there, though?and no f*cking wonder...

Si McNally
23-01-03, 17:22
I used to love the meatball & cheese subs that Subway did, but I've not been into one for a while.Mmmmmmmmmmm.......

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 17:26
They still do them, had one a couple of days ago... mmmmmmmmmmmmm indeed.

James 'You looking @ me'
23-01-03, 17:28
Actually Eion I meant the customers. The staff looked much Happier.

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 17:40
lol, ah, OK...wait a sec...*thinks*weren't *you* in there as a customer? Are you wearing that full-facer in your pic for a reason? :¬PSo, do you reckon excessive consumption mystery meat is responsible for the way the clientele look?

Dear Domeo replies:
23-01-03, 17:47
mmmmmmmm.....meatball sub.

James 'You looking @ me'
23-01-03, 17:52
I was working in the area. Needed food. Although the full-facer could have been usefull :)

Ming the Merciless
23-01-03, 21:13
I'll forever remember at busy Saturday at the Croydon Maccy D's. Service was so fast it seemed like time dilation effects were kicking in! The overseer had a voice like a cat-o-nine-tails and the food almost arrived before you had ordered it, the queues were long in number but fast in movement.....two weeks later it took three times as long to get served with about 1% (I kid you not!) of the number of croydon punters at the Crawley branch, but then again that may have been due to the store manager being French and spending most of the time chatting up the schoolies".Oh and my brother just got back from 3 months in Russia where the food was so bad the culinary highlight was a Maccy D's opening up in the town where he was staying!"

R o m e o
23-01-03, 21:55
ive got a funny feeling the croydon macdonolads might have been the first one in the UK.

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 21:58
Wow, now *there's* a claim to fame for Croydon.Is there a little blue plaque on the wall?

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
23-01-03, 22:03
was it croydon, or somewhere like balham? i know it was south london though

Dave Carlson
23-01-03, 22:16
The one on Wilmslow road in Manc was the first drive through in the UK. We always got strange looks as we went through on our bikes after a ride...:)

Eion Murdock
23-01-03, 22:18
But does it have a blue plaque?

Dave Carlson
23-01-03, 22:19
It was more likely to have black plague.

R o m e o
23-01-03, 23:19
yeah you are right - i think it was balham. croydon was famous for having the most sales of shit food per sq foot of any macdonalds in the world

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
23-01-03, 23:21
the Hamstead one is going to close. they fought so hard to open a branch there and no it's going.

Dan (Dan)
23-01-03, 23:26
scunthorpe has 3, and we are a shit small townDan

R o m e o
23-01-03, 23:48
croydon has about 10 at the moment :(wheres jose bovais when you need him!?

Dan (Dan)
24-01-03, 00:06
yer croydons a hole, i had to go to gatwick and the train went from Kings Cross to Gatwick via croydon, i only saw it out the window and it looked real nice, honestDan

R o m e o
24-01-03, 00:08
its not that bad if you have a bike with you!

Matt . .
24-01-03, 00:22
Jameswhich McD were you in in Bristol, living in Bristol I was just wondering if you were happening to be calling me unwashed and unloved .......oh forgot, I dont do McD's cause theyre shit, and full of shit too for that matter !

Mr. Ste (*Moooo*)
24-01-03, 08:37
how many years has it taken people to realise they SUCK!!!!its awful awful food! not even when im p*ssed/stoned is it ever a good idea.

Simon Bishop
24-01-03, 08:42
If it's the one in Bristol just down the road from the travel inn, I throughly agree. Scary people...Just to play devils advocate here, I think it's quite good for the soul occasionally to go and eat something which has got absolutely nothing to do with food so I appreciate the real stuff a bit more. I think they're fulfilling a valuable public service, quite apart from keeping my children stocked up with small plastic figurines for me to crush underfoot.

Blarn E Stone
24-01-03, 09:48
Catford was one of the first.Lets hope they go down the McToilet

Adam Stephens
24-01-03, 10:12
Subway, eh, haven't been in one of them since 11th Sept 2001, for a post Slickrock feed.