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Malcolm Cogglewit
16-01-03, 16:35
Where do you like to be most ? For me its Dowel Dale in Derbyshire, just South of Buxton.

Chris Stott
16-01-03, 16:45
In bed.

JULIA (now Mrs Serge!)
16-01-03, 16:46
Funny, I was just about to say that (Great slackers think alike...)

Chris Stott
16-01-03, 16:52
Hehe, I forgot to add 'with my wife' to make it the most perfect place in the world.

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 16:53
In this country hmmm... possibly AllendaleIn Austrailia hmmm... probably Tidbinbilla

Dr.Feely-good.... This won`t hurt a bit
16-01-03, 16:54
A long walk with my Family on Walney beach on a cold but sunny day,with the Lakeland hills in the background...sheer bliss !!!

Milo Bloom
16-01-03, 16:55
A fort that I made from the furniture in my front room.Or failing that, the Countisbury and Brendon area of Exmoor.

Adam Stephens
16-01-03, 16:58
On my bike.

Heywood Jablowme
16-01-03, 16:59
The pub.

dave..... work sucks, can i go riding please ??
16-01-03, 16:59
The shower... after a real long cold ride in the pennines.

Space Hound Spot
16-01-03, 17:00
Anywhere but here!

Marc Gledhill
16-01-03, 17:03
Temple Newsome during the Leeds/Reading Festival?Skiing?On the piss?Taking in a view at the top of a climb?Tough call.

Space Hound Spot
16-01-03, 17:06
Top of Caernedd LLewellyn in early Spring with the Clouds parting to reveal a beautiful view into the Ogwen Valley. Then running (used loosely here as there was deep snow) back down to the Cottage for a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

Mike D
16-01-03, 17:10
Usually in a bar somewhere after a glorious day out in the mountains, reflecting with my loved one.

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
16-01-03, 19:25
Seattle.... the coffee, the cakes, the tattoos... great music, stunning scenery and it's not like america.other than that.... on a brazilian beach

Steve Milne
16-01-03, 20:12
San Francsico. The most laid back place Ive been.Or in the boozer.Or on my bike.Or in the boozer on my bike in San Francsico. That'd be good.

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 20:18
On reflection there was certain grandure to being in the Annapurna Ranges in Nepal. With a beautiful sunset looking at Machapuchare, glorious.

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
16-01-03, 20:19
bury my heart on Holmbury Hill though

Ambrose Hearne
16-01-03, 23:02
Cadair Idris; site for my ashes

Muddy Bronco
16-01-03, 23:04
Oh, Anne, the sun rising on Annapurna!!

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 23:05
I usually missed the sun rises Muddy.

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
16-01-03, 23:08
the sun setting over the Olympic peninsula.... Puget Sound glowing, the mist turning orange in the fading light. the snowy Cascades shimmering pink, a trail of steam rising from the volcanos into the cold atmosphere. to the south, Mt Rainier shines out,, the frozen cap hovering above the forest around it, seeming to levitate over the horizon.Seattle sunsets from the Space Needle.... *sigh*

Muddy Bronco
16-01-03, 23:12
Come away to Nepal with me. Every morning up with the cock.

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 23:14
I'll bet!

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
16-01-03, 23:14
that'll get anne over there, knowing there are chickens.

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 23:16
They have goats too, lots of goats.But I always worry about the horns...

Luke Rake
16-01-03, 23:17
I haven't read this thread, but I don't need to.Dartmoor. Best place in the world.Santa Cruz - close second.Argue at your peril.

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 23:19
Northern India is pretty good too. Shimla is lovely.

Luke Rake
16-01-03, 23:21
Nah - the cream teas there are shite.

Milton the Sausage
16-01-03, 23:23
Welsh hillsItalian DolomitesAustraliaSaharaNew YorkSW England (Somerset, Devon, Cornwall)

Anne Brown
16-01-03, 23:23
Masalla Tea is gorgeous and there is a beautiful pancake place.

Luke Rake
16-01-03, 23:34
But they don't do clotted cream nearly as well. Nice try, but can't cut the ice with me.I'm off to the Hound of the Basketmeals...

Muddy Bronco
16-01-03, 23:45
Why go to India? Southall Broadway on a Sunday morning. Don't have breakfast before you go. Don't want to spoil your appetite.

R o m e o
17-01-03, 00:49
On top of Pen Y Fan in the beaconswith my ex. <sigh>

Fat Bear
17-01-03, 07:38
Dahab.Huts on the beach at about 30p a night, & miles of empty beaches dotted with palm trees backing on to desert & mountains. Mind you I haven't been for around 15 years. By now its probably been ruined by commercialisation & tourism.

Fat Bear
17-01-03, 07:44
And who's this anna Purna? Sounds like she gets about a bit, the dirty mare!

Mr. Ste (the pics not me)
17-01-03, 08:08
the beach

Charlie T
17-01-03, 08:58
Sitting by the fire, with girlfriend, dog and pint. Or out on Salisbury Plain on a summer day

Steve Saville
17-01-03, 09:14
1. In a country pub by an open fire on a cold winter's night with my friends2. In bed with my fiancee3. In a coffee shop in Toronto, reading the paper before heading off to take in a TML game4. The Malverns on a crisp clear day, with Rebekah""

Space Hound Spot
17-01-03, 09:46
Second Best although very close, a Small Volcanic Plug above Lake Balaton in Hungary, the mist is still in the valley and there is a small crowd, all waiting with baited breath (does that mean they smelled fishy, I never can tell). Slowly at first, out of the west the valley floor begins to darken, the birds start to go to roost and a small cresent is bitten from the edge of the Sun. The shadow accelerates across the flat plain reaching the side of the volcano in short minutes.Then its dark. Through the lens I can just see the fading of Bailey's beads as the sun sets through the valleys of the Moon. Totallity is due to last 2.5mins and then.... The corona of the Sun bursts forth in its multihued brilliance, radiating prominances erupt forth in shades of Red and Orange and Yellow. Transfixed the Crowd sighs in unison. All to suddenly its gone and the brightest diamond seen by mankind showers it luminance upon the Earth. Sweeping in from the West come, wave after wave of perfectly semicircular cloud fronts, bourne by a warming wind. The Eclipse is over and we crack a bottle of Champagne and start our slow, nay awe-struck walk down the mountain through the vinyards below, back to our tents on the terraces.

Rob Sutherland
17-01-03, 09:50
Depends on my mood. If I am wanting company and soom good riding it would be Haworth - a very good mate lives down there so I do like heading that way for a bleather, some fine ale and a good thrash on the moors.If I am feeling more reflective it would be the bothy and beach up at Rackwick