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Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
15-01-03, 18:57
If you have a website, tell us about it here!!

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
15-01-03, 18:58

Anne Brown
15-01-03, 19:03

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
15-01-03, 19:06
http://www.spydaradio.co.uk/radio/arnold.htmnot exactly mine, but hey, i'm there

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
15-01-03, 19:12
I also did www.xmtb.tk which 24/7 gave me a lot of help with but Im doing more work on www.team-rebal.tk at the moment . . .

Will (www.bikejobs.com)
15-01-03, 19:23
did some one call?

R o m e o
15-01-03, 19:35

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
15-01-03, 19:39
Hmm, How do u insert the hyperlinks?

R o m e o
15-01-03, 19:53
(A HREF=HTTP://WWW.GAYDAR.COM")YOU WILL LIKE THIS SITE(/A)do it all in lower case and replace the brackets with greater and less than signs"

Dick Barton
15-01-03, 21:23

James Southworth
15-01-03, 21:55
<www.crazybikers.co.uk> bit basic, but a site of our local riding near Cumbria. If you wanna see photos, videos etc. of some local stuff it's worth a look. God knows when it was last updated though!My brother is the one with the blue Met helmet on the blue hardtail - pinball!

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
15-01-03, 21:59
Your allways there are`nt you,Arnold.http://www.goecities.com/Spo0ky2001/

Anne Brown
15-01-03, 22:11
Milenko your page doesn't exist.

lazy dave
15-01-03, 22:29
guess i should add mine to this list

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
15-01-03, 23:16
Thats just my luck is`nt it,Anne.http://www.geocities.co/Spo0ky2001/index.htmlMilenko

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
15-01-03, 23:17
No,It does`nt work.Milenko

Anne Brown
15-01-03, 23:23
http://www.geocities.com/Spo0ky2001/index.htmlI realised you left out the m" form .comCool stickers."

Ancient Mariner
15-01-03, 23:28
May as well pose a bit. Milenko's

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
15-01-03, 23:28
Thanx,AnneDid`nt know i had to do that m.form thing.I`m not too good putting links up.Milenko

Anne Brown
15-01-03, 23:30
err it should have said m" from .comdamn thumbs keep getting in the way"

John Hooper
16-01-03, 08:46
North LeedsIt's early days yet..."

John Hooper
16-01-03, 08:47

John Hooper
16-01-03, 08:48
damn it...http://members.lycos.co.uk/northleedsmtb/

Charlie T
16-01-03, 08:49
Don't worry John, it's early in the morning and perhaps no one will notice!

John Hooper
16-01-03, 08:52
I don't know what happened there...it usually works. Need coffee...

Charlie T
16-01-03, 08:53
Good idea, how about a bacon bun to go with that?

Adam Stephens
16-01-03, 08:57
Mmmm, coffee & a bacon bun, yes please.

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
19-01-03, 21:08
Er, If u want a shorter web domain (milenko) go to www.dot.tk and get a free www.whateveryouwant.tkIts quick and easy and no, they do not pay me to say this!!

Luke Rake
20-01-03, 11:37
www.mp3.com/luke_rake Nothing to do with biking, but obviously the future of British guitar ;0) Several of my tunes would make excellent MTB downhill background music - help yourself film-makers, just make sure you credit me.

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
20-01-03, 16:59
Hmm, a fellow guitarist . . . G

Beckers ....(custodian of the concepts pool...)
20-01-03, 17:11

Dave Gelson
21-01-03, 02:14
Just bodged one together. It will improve I promise. Worth a look for our ride pics and my shiny new bike.

Dave Gelson
21-01-03, 02:17
Bugger. The link work but I copied extra bits I didnt need. Just so you know that I know what I'm doing.

Clanger Dob
21-01-03, 06:48

Clanger Dob
21-01-03, 06:50

Clanger Dob
21-01-03, 06:51
Oh bollox sort it out yourself!!

Muddy Bronco
21-01-03, 10:42

Muddy Bronco
21-01-03, 10:44

Muddy Bronco
21-01-03, 10:45
What am I doing wrong?

SloBoy Undercover
21-01-03, 10:47
Not sure - usually those front fasteners are easier. Keep trying - you'll get it off in a minute.

Ancient Mariner
21-01-03, 11:17
You need to push the sfasteners toward eachother before pulling down. Otherwise the hook at the top gets stuck in the loop.Use the following, but replacing the ( with < etc.(a href=http://www.cycletraining.co.uk")click here(/a)You were putting the http in capitals, when it should be lower case as far as I can see though."

Ancient Mariner
21-01-03, 11:18
Oh, and the href. Always use lower case for html here.

Muddy Bronco
21-01-03, 11:37

Muddy Bronco
21-01-03, 11:38
I did it!!!! I did it!!! Thank you everybody.

Ron Strutt
21-01-03, 14:01
After the trouble you've all been having, hope this one works:

Douglas Shearer
21-01-03, 15:40
hehe, me site:

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
21-01-03, 21:31

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
21-01-03, 21:32
Oh wow! It worked! Cheers ancient m!G

Philip Lee
21-01-03, 21:35

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
22-01-03, 18:13
You own Welsh mountain biking?Respect!G

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
23-01-03, 19:32
Sorry. Number 172 in the worst jokes of all time!G

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
23-01-03, 19:32
And that was 173!G

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
23-01-03, 19:33
Hmm, I could be here for a very long time . . .GJust let me know if Im depressing anybody.Ha I sound like Marvin the Paranoid Android!

Douglas Shearer
23-01-03, 21:56
Why don't you go stick your head in bucket of water?Dougal.

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
23-01-03, 22:04
i could stick my head in a bucket of water, if that's what you want, i have a bucket right here.

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
24-01-03, 17:09
Hmm, Im not really into that sort of stuff so I dont really know how to do it . . . why dont you show us first?G

Charlie T
24-01-03, 17:22
The first few millenia are the worst.....

Greggy * www.team-rebal.tk *
24-01-03, 17:24
Aah, that depends upon how cold the water is . . .G

I'm A DJer But I Don't Have Decks
25-01-03, 16:32
If you stick your head in it and then quickly reduce it to like -120 degrees or something, you could be frozen until it warms up again.Of course you would need electricity to keep it cold and power-cuts are far too frequent for my liking.I've had far to long to think about this haven't I???;'>

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
25-01-03, 23:23
erm... yes.have i mentioned the pain in the diodes all down my left side?

I'm A DJer But I Don't Use Decks
27-01-03, 19:33

27-01-03, 19:36