View Full Version : Locks.

Liam F..
19-06-01, 12:01
As mentioned on another thread, does anyone have any cost effective ideas for a lock that will withstand an angle grinder?

Dylan Lang
19-06-01, 12:27
I'd suspect that the Kryptonite New York lock is probably best - weighs a ton though and costs around 60...

Andy Deighton
19-06-01, 12:29
I don't even know what an angle grinder is. But even if you find something to resist one, then you will still need to find something to attach it to that will resist attack as well.

matt cotterill(mtb guru)
19-06-01, 12:38
i use a kryptonite motorcycle lock for my bike, dont know if itll withstand an angle grinder, ive never tried.

Tim Derbyshire
19-06-01, 13:37
its not angle grinders you gotta be worried about, its petrol powered stihl saws. nothing stops either with correct disc. never park next to dodgy workmen.