View Full Version : Afternoon Porn

Dan (Dan)
09-01-03, 12:45

Anne Brown
09-01-03, 12:49
no fists???

Charlie T
09-01-03, 13:00
I reckon this site could be fairly armless Do you see what I did there?

endover end
09-01-03, 13:36
you've got to hand it to him'cos he can't

Charlie T
09-01-03, 13:36
Boom Boom!

Ancient Mariner *like a well-strung badger*
09-01-03, 13:41
Can't you stump up anything better than that?

Beckers ....(turnip is the new badger...)
09-01-03, 14:00
dont come crying here when he points the finger at you

Anne Brown
09-01-03, 14:10
You can't handle the truth""

endover end
09-01-03, 14:16
I've never seen him thumbing a lift

Andy Edwards
09-01-03, 16:23
I used to go out with a girl who only had one hand. Luckily she never did anything like that to me! Mind you with another girl......if I could watch!