View Full Version : Love is ....

SloBoy Undercover
28-12-02, 17:33
my chrissie present from my younger daughter was a tie she had made which says I Love Bikes"and this morning when I got back from my ride, my wife had put a pair of thick socks on a radiator while I was out, so I could warm up my freezing cold tooties.Sometimes I think I don't deserve them ..."

Milo Bloom
28-12-02, 18:01
Do you want to sell them?

SloBoy Undercover
28-12-02, 18:26
well, I love 'em dearly, so obviously they'd be quite expensive.Got something you'd like to trade ?

PIG 'my god, it's christmas.....again'
28-12-02, 20:58
old rear wheel?

Neil Watterson
28-12-02, 21:42
Erm, I'm lost. What does Milo want to buy, your socks?

Barry B
28-12-02, 22:28
No, the tie, obviously.