View Full Version : keeping your bonce warm

Maria Enigmatic Thomas
17-12-02, 10:50
Or alternatively Mike, there's always:this.

Dear Domeo replies:
17-12-02, 10:52
you have too much time on your hands!

Malcolm Cogglewit
17-12-02, 10:54
I prefer a nice trilby.

Anne Brown
17-12-02, 10:56
LOL Maria.

Mike Simmonds
17-12-02, 11:02
Why would I want a wig that looks just like my hair?

Chris McSweeny
17-12-02, 11:08
Sorry about adding a serious comment (is that actualy allowed here?).I've got one of these hats, and whilst it does a good job I find I have to wear it sideways as the seams come right where the wide part of my head is (and where I always have to remove the pads from my helmet). I may just have a funny shaped head, but try before you buy.

Bart's Brother (aka Nick)
17-12-02, 11:37
It doesn't get cold enough down sarf to need one of these with a helmetMaria,Over the last year I've noticed a worrying trend with mullets they are increasing! It used to be that I only noticed them when I went skiing, typically sported by a moustachioed garishly dress German or Auatrian male 25 to 40ish

Anne Brown
17-12-02, 11:43
So far this winter I have just used my buff under my helmet down sarf but I certainly want something to keep my head warm. I have previously used my fleece buff hat under my helmet tho'.

Dr Dolittle - Currently in hiding. .......Or is it Chelmsford?
17-12-02, 11:47
So far this winter it hasn't been cold enough for me to bother with my buff, and certainly not with some silly hat......

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
17-12-02, 12:06
Buff's rule... i notice that a lot of Biathletes wear them too.mmmmmmmmm female biathletes in the buff.sorry, their Buff's. *kof*

SloBoy Undercover
17-12-02, 12:29
I've got a nice thin Gill bennie hat type thingy - seems good at keeping you warm but not hot, with or without the helmet on top.Much more comfy and effective than a Buffy, I reckon. On the subject of things for your head, a massage person has starting plying their wares out our office, and their advertisement shows the danger of the badly judged line break since it saysEmma gives headneck and shoulder massages at yourdesk

Mike D
17-12-02, 12:36
used my buff under my helmet down sarf"You're not really a man are you Anne?"

Mike Davis
17-12-02, 12:41
I'll see your mullet wig link and raise you

Anne Brown
17-12-02, 12:42
ahem... tis not wot oi ment.;-)Sloboy, does she get a lot of work?

SloBoy Undercover
17-12-02, 14:23
The queue was out the door - until people realised.

Space Hound Spot
17-12-02, 14:28
Use an Extremities skull cap with ear flaps looks daft but with windstopper between 2 layers of microfleece its bloddy warm and waterproof.

Alex Green
18-12-02, 09:26
Anyone know where I can grab one of these? I need summint to keep my ears warm when I'm out this weekend.

Ryan Gallagher
18-12-02, 09:59
alex try

Anne Brown
18-12-02, 10:32
ryan! Stop that.

Ryan Gallagher
18-12-02, 10:46
He asked for it, look at that picture, a guy with sunglasses inside a house doing hand signals.....I rest my case :-)

Anne Brown
18-12-02, 10:49
You're just trying to drum up more trade and the place for that is the classifieds.

Alex Green
20-12-02, 13:20
Lol, you cheeky beggar. I have my own built in gaydar, in that I don't click on websites with the word in the url.

sir Nibbler
20-12-02, 13:46
thats an interesting site, more interesting is that it wasn't blocked by the firewall. not work safe, or hetrosexual safe.