View Full Version : Free Boooo - Hoooooze!

SS DaSilva
13-12-02, 23:36
Yeah! none of that 'your an idiot' non-sense either this is proper, our uni (arty but no content not worth reading) magazine GRIP featured a short article sporting the title 'free booze' and didn't dissapoint - simply take this magazine to (name and address of offlicence with-held) and claim 4 pint cans of free stella for first 50 people" lo and behold it brought up a winner. Haha!Because said magazine is not worth reading and no one read it, let alone believed it (and the offy is about as far away from students as is possible) we (boy an I) turned up (several copies of said mag in hand - they're free too (back of the net!)) and made off with 8 cans gratis.Then, after a brief stop at KFC and home (to budle further 4x peeps the offy hadn't seen before into the back of an unmarked van) we went back a second time to scoop 4x4 more intoxicating beverage packages.And who said beer don't come free.Lets here it for a free piss-heads night in!(more stories of ill-aquired brown boooze welcome)"

karen B + Bec D
13-12-02, 23:40
Cool, hic.

SS DaSilva
13-12-02, 23:41
We've also got our eyes on some abandoned kegs of stella rolling around in a carpark nearby - advice on tapping beer from these without injury is welcome (and - if it leads to successful boozing there may also be a reward of team sperm merchandise).

karen B + Bec D
13-12-02, 23:48
um, realise cap, stand well back, and then open mouths in hope to catch a few morsels?

andy monty
14-12-02, 13:20
Just tell your mates its your birthday (*note to self this only works once a year*)

Mutie the Pig
14-12-02, 13:41
I've had VIP passes to clubs a couple of times, quite handy marching up to the bar and scooping an armload of bottled lagers for nuthin*hic*