View Full Version : For those of us that like the bike show.....

Older and uglier Ancient Mariner
26-11-02, 13:22
It's good to see we can buy stuff again. I'm sure the major part of the fun is deciding which stand has the best bargains! Not sure I'd go if it was a 'view only' show.

Jack Ass
26-11-02, 13:28
Cost me a fortune last time! Started saving already. No-ones getting any bike related stuff at Crimblytide this year either - in anticipation of getting a better choice, cheaper at the bike show.Only trouble with the show is that all the displays, races and demonstrations distract from the shopping.

Adam Stephens
26-11-02, 13:30
You could buy stuff last year.

Older and uglier Ancient Mariner
26-11-02, 13:32
And we did!

26-11-02, 14:22
i certainly did!this year i'm not drinking half a bottle of vodka the night before though. was pale and shaky and almost vomiting in every waste bin i passed!and i really wanted to get my photo taking with my arm round Kelli, but was too ill to ask :(

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
26-11-02, 16:32
you should ask Marco about the last part, he's an expert.mind you, he had a great photographer.

James D
26-11-02, 19:15
Not sure I'd go if it was a 'view only' show."Except that it's become exactly the opposite, a buy only show!"

Ben Ertl
26-11-02, 20:16
great fun though, nearly got a signed poster, pity DAD was there though, mind you one of them was completely dumb so no great loss.Also got that guy who does Mint Sauce to do a proper pic for me.After that I started buying, spent a lot for me.Also last time I saw Kelli she was sort of wearing half a top.

Ben Ertl
26-11-02, 20:18
I dont know if i can go this yr though, i have to save a lot of money, hope i can it was a laugh last time.

jerry atkinson
27-11-02, 18:49
Personally I thought the OS outdoor show was light years better, but then I haven't had zits for a good 30 years.

R o m e o
27-11-02, 20:03
Glad you enjoyed it Ben. Where the crowds ok or was it a bit too hectic.The London show was good despite not being able to buy much stuff apart from magazines and the suchlike